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Comments made by SergeDedina

La Jolla Cove Stinks. What Are The Options For Cleaning Up The Bluffs?

Dave Gibson of the Water Board explained how the City of San Diego could work with the Board to file a permit and what would be required.

Gary-the issue of the storm is correct--I would wish I would have mentioned IT. I think the absence of large winter storms with big waves and north wind and a large tidal surge in the last few years has resulted in exacerbating an issue that could be dealt with naturally if we had large storms. Probably if we get some large storms some of the guano might be washed away. Last week's swell had a few waves but not the rain-tidal surge that would be needed to naturally clean the area.

Commus: Wildcoast would welcome removing the sea wall at Children's Pool--in fact I have recommended that. The fact is that shark populations are not seeking out harbor seals--white sharks are in the business of hunting down elephant seals which is why their migratory route is spread out between the Farallon Islands, Ano Nuevo and Isla Guadalupe. There is absolutely no evidence that the shark population in La Jolla is in fact increasing at all. Shark populations are declining worldwide.


Serge Dedina
Executive Director

December 5, 2012 at 5:11 p.m. ( | suggest removal )