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Comments made by Shaggymonster

Health Care At The Heart Of Prison Release Ruling

I don't know what it happening in other country's but what it happening here in usa is very bad our prisoners are hurting from lack of medical care and have no way of getting help unless they have a family out here who can help it took me days to get help for my son,and it brakes my heart he had to go threw so much pain, he was in coalinga where they have valley fever he got sick with it and they told him it was the flue, his roommate tried to wake him up for 3 days and finely got someone to look at him he was in a coma they took him to hospital then moved him to high desert he is to take meds for it for life but as of today he has never been given the drug that stops the fever so he could get it again any time. I know people don't want to believer my boy is innocent but he is and he his slowing dieing in prison 11 years now I have tried to get his story out but found most people just don't care, but I just keep praying someone will here us and step up and help, he is my baby boy and I can stop fighting for him I am all he has.

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Health Care At The Heart Of Prison Release Ruling

Heath care is very hard to get no matter who you are, my hub has been out of work for over 2 years now and he has very bad teeth we could not afford to get them fixed even when he was working but when he gets one that is to bad he can go to clinic and they will pull the tooth and give him meds for it, but when my son who is doing life got a bad tooth his whole face swelled up so bad he could not eat he could not even close his mouth and the pain was so bad all he did was lay in bed with a warm cloth on his face I had to raise hell to get him help you can die from an infected tooth it took me 5 weeks to get him help, and in that time he was going crazy with the pain, so no mater how hard it is out here there are places we can go get help, but the ones in prison can not, and its very wrong to let someone lay in bed in so much pain and no one will help them , we should not treat people like this its wrong to lock them up and then when they need help no ones comes to help.And I as his mom cried many nights over this knowing my son was in so much pain and nothing to help him.So many people talk about how easy it is in prison I wish they would spend a few weeks in prison and then they would have something to say they would no the truth of prison life,My son is 100% innocent but that does not matter to anyone but us his family and friends,but I am sick at heart the my county the great USA would treat people this way, we are no better then all the bad guys we chase after, when you mistreat a person, you are wrong and pray you wake up and have some compassion for others and stop believing all the things you read in the news and find out for your self what is going on in our prison and then maybe you would understand and have a little compassion for them JoAnn.

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