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Comments made by Shannon_McWireElectric

SDG&E Falls Far Short Of Green-Energy Goal


I realize that your post is a couple of years old and I hope by now you've had some resolution regarding powering your home with solar. That being said, I am a solar consultant, it appears to me that other consultant didn't do their job properly.

Solar ALWAYS makes sense for a person that owns their home, it makes sense from an environmental and a return on investment perspective. If you are not using much electricity we would just figure out what your needs are exactly and tailor your system to fit those needs. Keep in mind that does not necessarily mean that your solar system will cost you less money monthly than your electric bill would - generally the cost is roughly the same. The big difference is that your solar bill will not continually increase as SDG&E (or any electric company for that matter) charges it's customers more to offset its various costs and losses. The greatest thing, beyond the obvious environmental benefits, is that once you've paid off your solar system you'll no longer pay much of anything to power your home.

If you'd like to speak with a solar consultant that will take the time to design a system to fit your needs, feel free to email me at and we'll see what we can do for your particular situation.

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