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Comments made by Shawn_Siegel

Immunized People Getting Whooping Cough

The so-called medical procedure of vaccination deposits its ingredients - disease antigens, known neurotoxins, undigested food proteins and unknown contaminants - where they don't belong; into the bloodstream, via the capillary beds of the muscles. There are immune components in the nose, mouth, throat and remaining broad expanse of mucosal membranes that are meant to be the first responders to potential pathogens, almost always inhaled or ingested, which in the majority of cases eliminate the organism before it can infect - an unreproducible array of protective bodily functions completely circumvented by vaccination. Ingested toxins are first eliminated by the body, through the stomach or bowels. The remaining are further broken down by digestive enzymes, then at least partially detoxified by the liver before they enter the bloodstream, where they gain access to the brain and heart. All those circulatory system safeguards are bypassed by injection. Accumulation of undigested proteins in the bloodstream can cause food allergy, anaphylactic shock and, sometimes, death - all cataloged as reported vaccine reactions - and the amount required to produce such potentially catastrophic consequences can be tiny, depending on a host of individual factors. In 2012, shards of glass were found in a batch of Gardasil. Had they been ingested, hopefully no damage would have been done, and the digestive process would have successfully eliminated them. Intuitively, injecting them seems fraught with more dire possibilities.

It's only the temporal divide between the act of vaccination and the display of the plethora of resulting debilitating autoimmune and neurological disorders that has allowed the paradigm to continue. Were vaccine injuries to occur instead as the needle was withdrawn, no doctor would dare suggest vaccinating.

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Immunized People Getting Whooping Cough

Informed consent is constantly discounted in articles such as this, seemingly viewed with disdain, when it's critical to every parent. There have been almost 1,000 reports of deaths related to the Dtap and Tdap vaccines over the last twenty-five years, and as many permanent disabilities, and the reporting system is dysfunctional - as few as only 1% of actual serious vaccine reactions ever get reported. That means it's virtually certain that there are many more people dying each year from the vaccine than the disease, most of 'em kids. That information, that uncertainty, not as to the possibility of catastrophic reaction - that's a given - but as to the actual extent, which defines the risk, must be provided to the public.

Do your job. Provide the information. Serve your readers.

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Shot Delays: Alternative Vaccine Schedules Mean Fewer San Diego Students Are Fully Immunized

Sure - and how about nonsensical comparisons.

Correlation implies causation. Obviously, some reported instances of reaction will prove unrelated to the vaccine, but the burden of proof lies with the naysayer, because that's the nature of the VAERS correlation. Search for the study in the BMJ - British Medical Journal - titled: Evaluation of Spontaneous Reports of Adverse Reactions to Drugs. It was an in-depth study, the only one I've come across, of a buncha cases of reactions following drug dosage - the exact type of correlation as is VAERS. You'll find it was found probable that close to 80% of the reactions reported were causally related to the drug, and there was still the possibility that an additional 10% were related, as well; because that's the nature of the correlation.

Peking, you're a sitting duck - for the statistical manipulation of the vaccine industry. Research the radical changes the CDC made to the definition and labeling protocol of polio, right after the vaccine was introduced - it's historical fact. Think about it - why in the world would they wipe out upwards of 90% of the cases of polio, with a coupla strokes of the pen, when at the same time they were ostensibly assessing the effectiveness of the vaccine? - it makes no sense; it's unscientific - and you don't have to be an immunologist or statistician to understand that. When over the subsequent couple of decades we were told the vaccine had eradicated polio, it was a blatant lie. I understand why it's difficult to accept that, but if you're afraid to take a closer look, you'll simply remain naive - and threatened. Search for The Polio Caper on Facebook - it links to the CDC and the Illinois Medical Society for its evidence.

Good day. My hope is that someone with an open mind and common sense will read this and research for themselves. If they do, they'll ultimately come to the same conclusion: you can't eliminate risk from life, but the risk of damage from vaccines far outweighs the risk of damage from disease - and the only true way to prevent disease is to nurture the immune system and learn to treat diseases properly, which will bring you back to wellness every time.

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Shot Delays: Alternative Vaccine Schedules Mean Fewer San Diego Students Are Fully Immunized

Oops. Sorry for that little pigtail half-sentence at the end of the last comment. I was going to comment about immunology being rooted in unquestioning acceptance of the safety, effectiveness and necessity of vaccination. Actually, according to the immunologists with whom I've spoken, immunology stemmed from vaccination, not vice-versa - the point being, immunology is virtually blind to any negative aspect of vaccines, which makes it even more poignant when an immunologist researches the autoimmunity caused by the adjuvants in vaccines, and dubs them "the adjuvant diseases".

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Shot Delays: Alternative Vaccine Schedules Mean Fewer San Diego Students Are Fully Immunized

Of course I know that vaccination and immunization are used interchangeably in the health care field - that's the point: it's a deception; a mischaracterization. Immunity, observed and recognized long before vaccines, is a natural phenomenon, the result of a full immune response to natural exposure to a pathogen, and carries with it no adverse effects. To call the supposed protection offered by vaccination immunity is preposterous - again, 80% of kids in whooping cough outbreaks, on average and just for example, are vaccinated, while immunity typically lasts a lifetime.

To call the statistics I quoted drivel is an ethical misstep. Vaccines do brain damage and kill. Vaccines do often leave behind debilitating autoimmune and neurological disorders. There are indeed over 5,000 vaccine-associated deaths recorded in the CDC's database. JAMA certainly quoted a study finding that only 1% of serious adverse reactions ever get reported. That is all poignant information that should be communicated to every parent before every vaccination, out of respect for that parent's right to informed consent - or refusal.

erous, when vaccines have a track record of triggering everything from asthma to allergies to lupus to epilepsy to autism, to death. And immunology . ly acqui

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Shot Delays: Alternative Vaccine Schedules Mean Fewer San Diego Students Are Fully Immunized

This article would have a touch of validity if vaccination were actually immunization, but it's not. Immunity is a natural phenomenon, the result of a full, multi-faceted immune response to a pathogen, virtually always either inhaled or ingested, where it encounters the first responders of the immune system, in the nose, throat, respiratory and digestive tracts. Every supposed vaccine preventable disease is eminently treatable, and very rarely causes any lasting damage - essentially benign. Such immunity - true, natural immunity - typically lasts a lifetime, and comes with no additional side effects whatsoever.

Vaccines, on the other hand - hoo boy. Just for example, on average about 80% - sometimes literally 100% - of the kids in whooping cough outbreaks are vaccinated. And, at latest count, in the CDC's database are recorded over 5,000 vaccine-associated deaths, as many life-threatening reactions, many more permanent disabilities, and ten times as many required trips to the ER. Vaccines kill, brain damage, and otherwise seriously debilitate. They leave behind, most insidiously, autoimmune disorders - because they do not enter the immune system via the naturally expected route - that can surface weeks, months and even years later, as attested by immunologists. Goodness, the adjuvants used in most vaccines are also used by researchers to inject into lab animals when they want to purposefully induce rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases! The vaccine industry is certainly well aware of this - they just don't tell you. Instead, they urge you to inject them into your newborns, infants, babies and toddlers.

They view your right to fully informed consent with disdain.

Critically, one study, quoted by the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that only 1% of actual serious adverse reactions ever get reported. This means that no one, including your doctor, or the CDC, or Ms. Trageser, the author of this article, has any real idea of the risk they are proposing is acceptable for your child when you vaccinate.

The only San Diego students who are really fully immunized are those who have been naturally exposed to the disease and, with proper care and treatment, recovered, and gained the natural benefits. Nutrition, adequate rest and the other factors that make up a healthy lifestyle nurture an immune system that will bring a child back to wellness every time. That's its job.

Research. Educate. You can't eliminate risk from life, but the risk of damage from vaccines far outweighs the risk of damage from disease.

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