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Comments made by Simshona

Judicial Candidate Accuses Judge Of Being A Criminal On Billboards

@enjoyPB: "We need real people >>>serving<<< the community, not bullies." My definition of bullies would be someone who uses their power to cower others into submission, as Judge Schall has apparently done in this election by first trying to have sitting judges put pressure on Keehn's endorsers to get her not to run, then bullying an organization into rescinding their endorsement, and finally putting pressure on Clear Channel so billboards are taken down. The comments made elsewhere apparently by attorneys with experience of Schall's chambers also describe her as a "tyrant", so she may well deserve the label of bully, not her opponent.

The judgement and character of judges candidates, as measured by their deeds, does matter to many of us in the voting public and we would never have known if Keehn had not brought it up. This may not be the only criteria any given voter choses to cast their ballot, but surely we deserve to know?

@PekingDuck: "I do like her credentials and think she is probably better qualified, but I wanted to speak out against her tactics. They are slimy." Is it "slimy" for a sitting judge to use the power of her office to pressure you not to run? To try to hide a conviction which may be relevant to many in the public? What would you have Keehn do to publicize her opponent's criminal record? Would it be OK if it were a pamphlet in the mail instead of a billboard, or is it the very notion of pointing to a criminal record in an individual charged with implementation of the criminal justice system that you find "slimy"? Personally, I am completely outraged that Schall has any defenders on this one, as if drunk driving was some sort of "no big deal" crime - wait till it affects someone you know and you too will have a visceral reaction to a judge, of all things, getting away with it.

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Cutting Red Tape May Cut Local Input

There is a reason land development takes longer in the county than in the cities. The underlying reality on the ground in the unincorporated county versus the surrounding city jurisdictions justifies a more thorough evaluation process in the county:
 Cities have by and large run out of open space and new developments are mostly infill, which do not present the same impacts to biology and community character as it does in the county
 Cities have a system in place for residents to get involved at the local level in land use decisions (the local city councils which they elect, and the associated city land use agencies), whereas in the unincorporated property owners see their vote diluted by other jurisdictions with no common interest with the place they live in, and only have the county staff to look out for their interests.
 Unlike the cities, the unincorporated county is made up of distinct communities with very different community character, which needs protection from attempts to turn us into Orange County with cookie-cutter development planning.
 The quasi-entirety of the biological diversity and open space that city residents may enjoy for recreation is situated in the unincorporated county – as such it is an amenity to all the county residents and deserves careful consideration in land use decisions.
Speaking as a member of the San Dieguito Planning group, I can understand the frustration from property owners trying to get maximum value out of what they own, yet that potential has to be balanced against the property rights of the folks who already live there. The CPGs can play an essential role in facilitating the process, but it will always take longer to develop raw land in the unincorporated county - and I would argue, to a certain extent, it should.

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The Battle Over Single-Use Grocery Bags

In France where I grew up there hasn't been free grocery bags for decades it seems like. You buy a recyclable bag from the supermarket for the equivalent of $1 or so, and where they get tattered, you bring it back to the store and they give you a free one. So it's more like "a bag for life", very economical for anyone. If you forget to bring bags, you either buy one or take your cart to the car and put the contents in the car sans bag. No baggers either, you do the bagging yourself, although I think it's great bagging provides employment here.

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2010 Elfin Forest Garden Festival -- 04/03/10 at 20110 Elfin Forest Lane, Elfin Forest, CA 92029

Would highly recommend this tour, this small rural community is very cool to discover: not quite as gentrified as Rancho Santa Fe, no cookie cutter development, just large properties on 2+ acres with horses, dogs, chickens, goats, llamas, alpaca, vietnamese potbelly pigs... you name it! A chance to take a peek at estate-size gardens even if you are not super into gardening.

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