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Comments made by SoldierCoder

California Attorney General Kamala Harris Lauds Record On Fighting Human Trafficking

And I also have to say, this kind of game-playing on the part of AG Harris shows her to be a weak leader. A better leader would recognize there is a problem with the definition of Domestic Violence as it is written (which she sort of does) AND work to correct that obvious flaw. As the leader of law enforcement for the entire state, she should be fixing such a glaring obvious flaw. Her own words point out the flaw:

"We also recognize that it is perverse to suggest that a minor who has been sexually abused and exploited from the age of 11 should be entitled to lesser defenses than an adult who has been in an abusive dating relationship."


But what has she done about it? Nothing except send it back to the original court.

April 30, 2012 at 5:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

California Attorney General Kamala Harris Lauds Record On Fighting Human Trafficking

MissionAcomplished.... the deal is yes AG Harris reversed her decision. But she did it in a way that renders both decisions MEANINGLESS. She basically said to the original court, "Hey, I'm not going to get into a fight about what Domestic Violence is, so I am going to send the issue back to you while not telling you what you originally did was wrong and not directing you to do anything different." In effect she is giving the original the go-ahead to confirm their original decision. So yes, AG Harris is playing politics.

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Clemency Urged For Woman Who Killed Pimp

Right, so CPS didn't even notice her gone from school while G.G. forced her to prostitute. Also, she killed the guy who put her into prostitution. She not only saved her mother and herself, but also all the other girls G.G. was then prostituting. He was violent pedophile predator pimp, and she should have been given a medal, not locked up.

Put another way, G.G. ordered up the Karma pizza, she delivered it, and now he's one with everything (six feet under). I cannot stress enough, if he wasn't preying upon vulnerable teenage girls, he would not have been shot by one.

People always bring up the money. It is totally meaningless. Pimps like GG make their money by stealing the fruits of the enslaved girls miserable labor. She was not stealing, she was recovering what was hers in the first place.

Gov Brown should know better than to punish a girl for fighting the tyranny she was under. Gov Brown should free Sara Kruzan.

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