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Comments made by SomeCents

San Diego ACLU Wants To Make Sure SB1070 Stays In Arizona

Support for illegal aliens entering the USA = PRO SLAVERY
Elites that hire ILLEGAL ALIENS do so for cheap illegal labor

Once again the ACLU is
- not defending Americans
- not defending Civil Liberties, instead defending slavery
- a Union of elitists that are out of touch
STOP SLAVERY IN THE USA...Illegal Aliens and/or Undocumented Workers by any other name are still slaves.

However, the fact that ILLEGAL ALIENS in USA are living in
extreme overcrowding, homeless, ...
Means they have worse housing then slaves had prior to 1865 in the USA.
ILLEGAL ALIENS in USA getting food stamps and welfare to eat, means they are treated worse then slaves prior to 1865 because slaves were fed on the plantation.
ILLEGAL ALIENS in USA getting clothing from donation organizations and donation boxes sitting in various parking lots, again means they are not being paid enough to get their own clothing, which is worse than slaves prior to 1865 when their masters clothed them.

Support exploiting illegal aliens via amnesty citizenship, via another visa
guest worker program, via permitting anchor babies, you are PRO SLAVERY.

You should be fighting for HUMAN RIGHTS in Mexico, Guatemala, Vietnam, etc. So poor people do not have to be ILLEGALLY ENSLAVED in the USA

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