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Breaking News: Bill Cosby Convicted Of Drugging And Molesting A Woman (Posted 04/26/18 at 11:11 a.m.)

Comments made by Soockeedoo

It's The Cruelest Show On Earth Says PETA

Contrare, nobody forces any animal to perform. Animals need encouragement to perform. It's called positive re-enforcement. No animals would want to perform if it had no insentive to. That's exactly what positive re-enforcement does, give them incentive to perform. Whenever an animal succesfully executes a maneuver, they receive either praise, or a treat. It's a technique one sees in action down in the ring. If one beat an animal to get it to perform, then you would see animals shying away from people and handlers because it would learn to fear humans, and you would seem them beating the animals with sticks down in the ring, which you don't see. Positive re-enforcement is the technique that works best, and it's the only technique allowed under the AWA. It's just like how one trains a dog. All animals are smart enough to learn from positive re-enforcement
It actually does take a unique person who truly loves animals to work with them. Not many people would be able to spend time around the clock cleaning up after animals, bathing animals, feeding animals, taking them out for exercise, and giving them veterinary care. And training takes a great deal of time and patience. Nobody would spend such an extreme amount of time around the animals if they loved them.

Oh, and by the way, I enjoy such shows and zoos. That's probably why I have such a respect for the animals. To say I have no respect for these animals or their handlers is far from the truth. Whether it's against your philosophy to go to the circus or not is okay-that's your opinion. But it's not okay to disparage circus patrons for not sharing your views and enjoying the show.

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It's The Cruelest Show On Earth Says PETA

What was not in this story is that Ringling won a lawsuit against animal rights organizations because their cheif witness was essentially a paid plaintiff and deemed notnreliable by the courts. As for the fine, the fine was for twenty seven non-compliances found on USDA inspections, not violations of the AWA as PETA claims. Even though non-compliances are mended, fines are still levied. If one obtains the inspection reports, they will find that most instances are housekeeping related. And it takes a special person to work with animals, not everybody can be with animals 24/7 cleaning up after animals and feeding them. One wouldn'T choose careers with animls if they didn't love and care for animals. And If they had anything to hide, then why do they offer Animal Open Houses? You can see for yourself how well the qnimals are treated.

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