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Comments made by Stan522

San Diego Tea Party Activitists Ready To Rally On Tax Day

I presume you have an open mind, so please read this article ( ). It was originally published a year ago. Those "tax cuts" you refer to were either a rebate (for instance, I get an extra $13.00 rebated to me each paycheck), or temporary and small. I sure would not describe this as a tax cut. Here is where reality hits home. With bush giving $84 billion to bail out AIG, GWB coming (with congressional approval) up with over $700 billion for TARP, then obama coming up with over another $700 billion for his stimulus, closely followed by congresses “omnibus spending bill of over $400 billion, I believe those who claim to be TEA Party members are convinced tax increases (not to mention hyper-inflation) is just around the corner. Sure taxes are an issue, but I wouldn’t say I’ve heard it at the top. The issues as I have heard when quizzing TEA Party members at events are as follows:

-That the government is growing out of control and must be stopped through our current electoral process
-That both republicans and democrats are at fault
-That the US Constitution has and is being violated by opportunist politicians and we have allowed this to happen
-That far too often politics is corrupt and we no longer will accept it
-That back-room deals and bartering for votes may have been the way of the past, but is no longer acceptable
-That government is not the answer, but the problem
-That traditional media is Dead-On-Arrival to this movement, our government, and the root cause to today's problems
-Those that follow the TEA Party movement have issues with bush. Using him as the reason to justify what obama is doing isn't credible. He sucks too.

Now, if you want to hear some more reasonable suggestions on a better way to deal with health coverage, I can provide. I have some experience in the health services industry. I too agree insurance companies are not necessarily our friend. There are better ways outside of the debacle that passed recently.

I believe you put too much faith in politicians. They all are screwing us. Just curious on how long this inherited problem gives your guy a free pass. At some point in time his policies have blame. When?

So what did bigprender have to say that got him shot by the comment police?

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San Diego Tea Party Activitists Ready To Rally On Tax Day

Are you trying to tell me that the term "teabaging" is a complimentary term, or is it what I believe you and others are trying to hurl, which is in insult? If it is an insult, I am left with no other choice with that you are using the "gay" meaning behind it. Either way, you seem to be setting a double standard when throwing your gay brethren into this discussion. When I read other postings and blogs from "progressive" writers, I see the connotation connected to the gay side of this verb, not the straight. This just seems inconsistent.

Health care is a big one, but if I have my history right, the TEA Party showed up on the scene well before health care was seriously debated. I believe it came around obama's first stimulus, or the omnibus bill and that all hit the fan because bush went and bailed out AIG and had his own stimulus all mounting over trillions of dollars. This has all been building up and then obama put it in hyper-drive. That is what started the TEA Party movement.

I think the issue people have with now government taking over this segment of business is that history says they cannot do it. The Post Office in 2009 had a net loss of $7 billion. Add to it that medicare's total unfunded liability is $89 trillion and social security has an unfunded liability of $18 trillion, if one is paying any attention to all of this, they would quickly surmise that government has a history at failing. Why would anyone what them to solve health care issues?

I saw a CBS poll just shortly before the health bill was voted on by the house. It read that 91% of Americans surveyed did not like the current bill that ultimately passed. I would have to say this looks more like tyranny than a representative republic, let alone a democracy. My hunch is this will be repealed.

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San Diego Tea Party Activitists Ready To Rally On Tax Day

I find it interesting that those who identify themselves as within the TEA Party movement are being called a name that represents a "gay" act (teabagger's). Those who use this word in an "expletive" manner are hurling this as a derogatory statement. In essence, those who use it in this case are trying to insult these people with that word. It seems inconsistent to use that word to knock someone when in essence by using it to demean, you are also demeaning your homosexual brothers. I really think it is the progressives who are homophobic, not the other way around. You can't have it both ways.

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San Diego Tea Party Activitists Ready To Rally On Tax Day

Techsnaps, I am glad you asked. The argument you make that something should have been said, or done during bush is understandable and valid and I agree. However, in reality, something should have been said many years before that. With the emergence of obama, we essentially have the boiling frog jumping out of the water. Like most other Americans, I was not paying attention to the degree I am now. This may be just like you were. Or, you and I were looking at this from a "Democrat" versus "Republican" perspective, where we were quicker to forgive, or ignore the blemishes of our own party and blast the other side. Not any more.

Back to the TEA Party, which is what you have responded to. I strongly believe that the renewed focus and drive towards "paying attention" is what the TEA Party movement is all about. This movement directly confronts the power establishment in Washington DC and state and local governments. No wonder this movement is getting blasted, ridiculed, marginalized, called racist (the ultimate progressive trump card), and violence is beginning to be waged against its members. This is the ultimate power struggle. Certainly democrats and to some extent republicans are all concerned with their free-run rampage being dismantled. The only question is are we in this for the long-haul. Can we take our country back from these politicians? I don't know.

As for this "D" versus "R" argument, it is time to stop that focus and realize our freedoms have been under an incremental attack from both sides for many years. Hopefully, this movement can demonstrate this fact to those who not currently believers. I would welcome you.

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