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Comments made by StemCellPioneers

Terminally Ill S.D. Man Looks For An Answer In Stem Cells

I am surprised that Ms. Loring has not heard of the clinic in Monterrey. As co-founder of most of the ALS patients that are members are well aware of this clinic. I believe that Shane is a great pioneer and what he has done is take the bull by the horns and do what he had to do to try to save his life. The U.S. is sadly very much behind in any kind of treatment it can offer many of us with terminal and chronic diseases. There are very few clinicals either. I am grateful for offshore clinics that maintain high standards. A grassroots non profit organization has published an offshore guide to treatment that will help patients weed out the clinics that do not adhere to safe stem cell treatments. Ms. Loring should pick up her phone and call the clinic in Monterrey. She might learn something. I hope this treatment will give Shane the extra time he needs until an absolute cure can be found.

December 2, 2009 at 4:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )