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Comments made by SteveG

"No On D" Supporters File Lawsuits

Sure there is a reason they should have the pensions: They contracted for them. These aren't optional, or cancellable by the city. They're a matter of contract.

If you're referring to future employees, that might be different. But the people there now were promised these pensions, planned their retirement around them, and are owed them.

August 27, 2010 at 2:48 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

"No On D" Supporters File Lawsuits

During the broadcast, this turned into yet another discussion about pensions.

I love how Bob Kittle can continue to yip and yip about how awful and nasty the pension situation is, although his friends in the local government drove the bus into the ditch where we now sit while he had the biggest megaphone in the city at the U-T.

The pension plan, like anyone's 401k plan, is straightforward: You need to save as you go, or in the end you won't have enough cash to pay. San Diego's problem is that it didn't save enough, but it promised to pay the money.

Heavens forfend we now have to raise taxes. Kittle would rather find some responsibility-free route to blame others and kick the can down the road.

As to Tony Perry and his comment that salary and benefits are not connected to the quality of service we get from firefighters and police officers, I suggest he tell his employer he's willing to test that out by taking at 20 percent paycut. It always makes me laugh to hear market acolytes say the free market doesn't apply to their situations.

I am not connected to local government in any way (other than being a San Diego taxpayer, and a services consumer). I'm just tired of our conservamonkey media saying there is a way to pay for things we promised other than having the right tax structure. The people in power have been trying silly gimmicks to solve the pension problem for almost a decade.

Raise taxes, pay off the debt, solve the problem. But that can't work in San Diego apparently. There's always someone with a better idea that involves no pain.

No pain = no gain.

August 27, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. ( | suggest removal )