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Comments made by Stewey

NRC To Host Public San Onofre Meeting Tonight

What is wrong with these people? Does anyone realize what happened in Japan so shouldn't we be proactive and start building a desalinization plant with pumps going into the reactors powered by generators to keep them from over heating? The ocean could really be our biggest resource to hold us back from what happened in Japan last year. I do belive we should as tax paying citizens have a say in what is going to proceed in the future of the plant it just needs to be shut down. Nuclear power is not clean it could potentially kill everyone in Southern California then become a nuclear waste land. Southern California Edison should create jobs by taking on solar and wind power which techniqically it could help monopolize the market even more than they already have. Solar and wind power is clean not nuclear power.

I wish that the people that do work for the plant also understand that there are jobs out there besides nuclear power you all will find jobs. We are all putting our families and children at risk including the people that work at the plant. I have been watching the webcast and it really seems like a joke by the executive commity of NRC plus Southern California Edison. For this reason, the questions that are being asked by the people are not being answered correctly the NRC and SCE should be straight forward. Obvisouly, the plant is not up to par so why should us the citizens be tested in this experiment because it really seems we the people have no say in this issue? Regardless this damaged plant is going to be restarted and we will have to just find out and see what happens right? NO WE DO NOT! Furthermore, how do we let our government run our lives like this I mean it is walking on eggshells we the people do not know when total melt down is going to happen but, it will? Let's face it people the Japanese have proven time and again to be smarter than Americans just based on technology alone yet their entire country is now contaiminated by radiation.

In conclusion, we must shut down the nuclear power plant not only in southern California but, all around the world because of the tragic disaster that happened in Japan and years ago in Russia. Let's create the clean energy like solar, wind and water but, let's also stop fooling ourselves that nuclear power is safe because we saw how dangerous it really is.

October 9, 2012 at 9:26 p.m. ( | suggest removal )