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Comments made by Student88

UCSD Minority Students Walk Out Of Teach-In

People are ill informed about what happened and the parties involved. It would be irresponsible to label the entire school as racist; the majority of the campus is against the actions of the Koala and against the party that was held off-campus. Additionally, the majority of people do not even know what demands BSU asked of the school's administration. Although some are reasonable, many of the demands are outlandish and prioritize black students over other minorities.

These are UCSD's BSU's demands:

UCSD should foster a culture of racial tolerance and acceptance, but elevating one group over every another is irrational. If these demands are met, the black community at UCSD would essentially be segregated from all other groups. Some of BSU's demands are contradictory. You can not teach cultural diversity for example, by forcing students to take courses on African American Studies. It would be more reasonable to make it a requirement that students take a course in ethnic relations. BSU does mention this, along with gender studies, but still propose that a course dedicated solely to African American studies be taught.

Although the oppression of African Americans is a large issue and should be studied, the injustices done to other races are rarely discussed and should be of equal importance. Few people know about the genocides in Cambodia and Turkey (the Armenian Genocide) or that the majority of enrolled Asian American students come mostly from East-Asian and South-Asian backgrounds and not from Southeast-Asia- these students tend to be of lower-class backgrounds. Native American studies are completely neglected and their population is severely under-represented at the university.

People view the school as an evil entity, but don't seem to realize the institutional factors that led to, for example, the low representation of African American students in higher education. If you look at the demographics of the top universities in our nation none have high African American enrollment. This is a much larger issue than people make it seem. In order for students to be prepared for college, they must be equipped with educational tools starting at a young age. If students aren't able to do well in high school, the chances that they'll make it to college are diminished. What happened at UCSD is a product of a larger educational issue. Schools with high concentrations of African Americans are generally under-funded and are unable to produce students prepared for life outside of high-school, if their students are even able to get that far.

Actions regarding education need to be taken at higher levels, state and federal, in order to weaken racism at lower levels.

February 24, 2010 at 9:18 p.m. ( | suggest removal )