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Comments made by Studying_Nomad

Somalis In City Heights Lead Fight Against Liquor License

I figured they would call themselves Somali-Americans if they were citizens. If these where white American’s trying to prohibit a medical marijuana dispensary from conducting business in their neighborhood I’d have a similar response. I’ve already admitted that I was out of line terms of targeting their immigration status. Let’s be honest though, the store owner that I’m defending is most likely an immigrant as well. Sorry, but I’m not going to give this group extra slack because they are black Muslims. I think it’s fair to assume that there is at least some religious motivation behind their anger at store wanting to sell liquor NEXT to their Mosque.

May 11, 2012 at 3:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Obama Gambles On Gay Marriage

"The reasons are obvious: socialization."

Well yeah, that goes for everything we learn to have visceral responses to. That's how slavery existed for so long, women were accepted to be mindless deposits and incubators, and why religion just keeps sticking around. Heck, we can makes lists miles longs for all the things human have been socialized to believe throughout time and space.

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Somalis In City Heights Lead Fight Against Liquor License

The most irritating part of this issue is that we sell alcohol just about everywhere, and if this were CVS next to their Mosque it wouldn’t even be a controversy. This is a small shop trying to compete. This neighborhood may have a large Somali community, but that’s not the only community there. If the neighborhood did not want to have alcohol sold there, then there would be no profit in it for the seller and therefore not in his interest to sell it. I don’t even drink, but we need to stop attacking the small business owner for trying to legally make a profit.

Mose: They don’t have full constitutional rights unless they are naturalized – read your constitution. However, I will admit to being annoyed at the lack of transparency in terms of what exactly they are getting from tax payers and I took it out on the individual, which is something I consciously try to avoid. Getting the gov involved over nonsense is a waste of tax dollars.

Drop the Muslim argument. Nobody in infringing on their rights to freely worship wherever or whenever they want. They are infringing on a business owner to conduct business as he sees fit. The owner should only be denied the right to sell alcohol because he has done something illegal. Trying to stop the license with a preemptive argument about the imagined people who will shop there is garbage. I doubt one more store selling alcohol in the neighborhood is going to have a detrimental impact on the community.

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Mayor Sanders Applauds President's Same-Sex Marriage Decision

JeanMarc - when do we ever hear about starving kids in the news? Entertainment media all day, every day.

Peking_Duck_SD - it wasn't the issue, as much as the reasoning that I found interesting from Filner. I researched the issues too and Filner looks like status quo. I think he's missing the energy needed to focus on the future. I don't agree 100% with pension reform. However, I agree that it needs to be done. Fletcher doesn't seem to me to be much of an "ideas" guy, but I like that he's open to all ideas and makes a decision based off of what seems best based on the information available at the time, rather than just party lines. He seems to be a good leader.

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Mayor Sanders Applauds President's Same-Sex Marriage Decision

Peking_Duck_SD: check out your boy, Filner. It's always nice when a representative admits to not considering the effects that a piece of legislation will have on the citizens. I don't have any personal vendetta against the man, but if it ends up DeMaio v. Filner, DeMaio will own him. Fletcher has the energy to take on DeMaio.

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Somalis In City Heights Lead Fight Against Liquor License

What!? The Somali community has a say in this? I was under the impression that they came over here on our tax dollars as refugees. Have they paid that money back or are they still living on it? I'm offended that they feel they can object to a business owner trying to compete. They are already taking business away from him with their stores and now they're trying to sabotage his adaption to market pressures. They need better excuses then the ones that they came up with. If they don't like it, then they shouldn't spend money at that store. If they don't like the people that may or may not be drawn to the parking lot then they should control loitering as a community.

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Obama Says He Supports Same-Sex Marriage, First President To Do So

I don't think this will help his campaign. It's just going to get the fundamentalist christian groups' knickers in a twist and out voting for the person that they consider a member of a cult. I know we have a lot of Mormons in the area, so be sure, "cult" isn't my preferred term, but that's the regular classification of Mormonism in the Bible belt.

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Budget Cuts Could Drive Successful Program Out Of San Diego Schools

Agree, Don. Our country's education system is becoming our biggest national security risk.

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First Gay Marriage Proposal on Military Base at Camp Pendleton

In a way, that was my point, Missionaccomplished. Gov's involvement in marriage is about property distribution, not love, or religion, so I am perplexed by the big deal made of it. I thought we were a country based enlightenment ideas.

May 8, 2012 at 12:49 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

U-T San Diego Editor Doesn't Want Filner In Mayoral Race

I don't want Filner to run either, or DeMaio, or Bonnie for that matter, but that's what makes an election. I don't understand why people are surprised that the UT is biased. The basic news is available everywhere, the pay-for news we get now is filtered for us (and that's not even a new idea). Buyer beware.

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