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Comments made by Studying_Nomad

First Gay Marriage Proposal on Military Base at Camp Pendleton

Wow, this convo is still going, it's gotten a little emo for me. However, I'd like to point out that there are a whole lot of non-gays who seem to "know" what it means to be gay. Weird.

Missionaccomplished: you don't think it's pretty sad that two adults are unable to handle their personal affairs without government intervention? Just another example of gays paying for services they aren't entitled to. I believe in a small gov, but if you all want to continue with this big gov mentality, at least allow all the citizens equal access to gov benefits and protections.

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USNS Cesar Chavez Christened, Launched Saturday

Sen. Roy Blunt

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First Gay Marriage Proposal on Military Base at Camp Pendleton

I will be the one leaving the country the day our constitution, the one that I and many others would die to defend, begins limiting individual freedom and liberty.

Personally, I think that marriage should be taken away completely as a state function. Historically and today, the main function of marriage has to do with property transfers and yeah, that includes women and children as property. I know a heterosexual couple that has been together for a very long time and is raising three very responsible kids, they aren’t married and do not believe the gov should be involved in their personal life. I know a married heterosexual couple that is raising a kid, but I’m not sure exactly when they have the time to pay attention to him, considering they fight all of the time. I also know a gay couple that has been together longer than any couple I’ve ever met, and I would have been lucky to have been adopted and raised by them. If we really care about kids in this country, we should be applauding any healthy loving couple for taking on the responsibility of raising children. The last thing we need is even further government involvement in our personal lives. I think that once all of the emotion and fear of change leaves the conversation and we allow science and time to give us the evidence we need to form a better opinion, we will see that economics, education and maturity of parents will be much better predictors of how a child will develop then the sex of the parent/s raising the child.

Let’s say you get your amendment of restriction, how do you suggest the gov handle all of the single parents and heterosexual couples unable to provide ideal or positive influences to their children?

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First Gay Marriage Proposal on Military Base at Camp Pendleton

Feel free to occupy a fantasy world that has never fully existed, personally, I prefer reality. Based on your reasoning, we should not allow full citizen rights to married couples that do not produce children, to married parents that have one parent that is dysfunctional (abusive, alcohol dependent, immature, unavailable, etc), single mothers, or single guardians (grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends). Outside of a group memory based on a restrictive (keep our secrets in the family) tv reflection of middle class idealism of the 50’s, the world you speak did not exist. Back in the day (keeping it within the industrial period), working class parents (women and kids included) had to work to support their families. Who was providing that stable long-term role models then, the foreman? What about when men were fighting and dying during wars, who influenced the children then? Women were more likely to die of childbirth than any other cause of death, who raised the children then?

Study after study shows that children do better in a healthy two-parent household. Most of the success has to do with economics and access to resources, attention given to child and relationship with parents, not the gender of the parents.

Yes, it’s different, it’s not the lens most were taught to see through, but “family” has throughout time and space been changing and evolving. If it were only the parents that influenced a child’s world-view then certain groups would not be so threated with secular culture. So the idea that only a parent can be a role model for children is pretty rose colored hippie lens.

If our government is so interested in the next generation they should consider investing in education. We have fallen very behind in math and science. There are plenty of jobs available today; the problem is that our current generation is under-educated and debt-burdened. I think that’s much more of a national security risk, then a couple of gays making the commitment to raise a child or to get married.

I’m curious as to what role you think the government should play in enforcing the ideal two gender healthy family?

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Politics: We Look At Movement To The Middle

Great convo!

Libertarian = middle? Explain.

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First Gay Marriage Proposal on Military Base at Camp Pendleton

khuston2 - that was my point man. Sorry that the sarcasm was not more obvious. However, you did elaborate the point I was making, so good looks.

JeanMarc - Liberal? Really? Definition please? All I see are .gov attempts at reducing our freedom and privacy. We revolted based on the ideas of the Enlightenment. Sorry, but this is what happens when people are allowed to pursue individual happiness and the allowed freedom to choose one's own conscious over the state and church. If freedom scares you then maybe you really should move to another country. I hear China is hiring.

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Controversial 'Scottsboro Boys' At Old Globe

There must not be too many people interested because the tickets are crazy cheap.

Mission - the study of gender. There are many questions still to be asked (and that goes for everything around us). Throughout, time and space (history and geography) gender has been treated differently. It's actually pretty interesting if you take the time to read. It's essentially the inquisition of social construction verse natural instincts. Truth is, I've never taken a class, but I know how to read, and bookstores have entire bookcases devoted to the topic.

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California Attorney General Kamala Harris Lauds Record On Fighting Human Trafficking

I'm still confused about how she was convicted in the first place. Jury of her peers?

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Freeway Lids Hold Hope Of Reconnecting Neighborhoods


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First Gay Marriage Proposal on Military Base at Camp Pendleton

Idk, maybe their loudness is a result of paying the same amount of taxes and not receiving equal treatment (they at least deserve a discount). Or maybe it's because they are making history every time they do something. Or perhaps, just perhaps, it's to give people something to criticize every time they are **forced** to read, listen or watch it. Maybe we should get all commie like our buddies in St. Petersburg and make laws to make it illegal to talk about.

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