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Comments made by SunDiego

Electric Cars Light Up New Owners, But Could Stress Power Grid

Assuming he is getting 4.3 miles per kWh as stated in article

Daily commute is 39, round up to 40, and assuming he drives over the weekend

40 X 7 days = 280 miles/week, 1120 miles/ month

I checked the SDG&E site, SDG&E has multiple rate plans for Electric Vehicles. EV-TOU 1, 2, 3 rates, depending on if he has a single meter for entire house, or separate meter for house and car.

As an early adopter of EV, and participant in the EV project and SDG&E 2 year rate study he may be on the low 0.07646 super off peak rate 12-5 am.

This would result in approximately

1120 miles/month / 4.3 miles per kWh = 260 kWh per month

260 kWh/month X 0.07646 = $19.91

Now assuming the EV-TOU 3 rate at 0.13963 super off peak 12-5am with separate meter which is the default at end of 2 year rate study, the monthly electrical costs would be

260 kWh/month X 0.13963 = $36.31

So it looks like he is on the low rate 2 year study plan, even when he moves to the EV-TOU 3 rate plan, he will be paying $36 vs $290 a month for his old gas guzzler fuel

SDG&E will have to keep rates low for EV users at night, otherwise they will charge during the day and SDG&E will have to build out additional peak capacity which is very expensive. Without low off peak rates, the incentive will not be there, plus EV owners are already paying a premium on this vehicle. Lower energy costs offset this premium, and these EV users provide all of us benefits, cleaner air, no foreign oil, etc. etc.

I would encourage all EV users to be involved in the CUB - Citizen Utility Board, a group that fights to keep the regulated Utility companies honest.

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Electric Cars Light Up New Owners, But Could Stress Power Grid

The Feds are kicking in $7500 tax credit and the State of California has a $5000 rebate. This brings it down quite a bit off the sticker price. The state of california fund is finite and there are alot of electric cars coming to the roads in a few months

With Hybrid HOV access expiring in July, these Zero emission Vehicles will have HOV access thru 2015, speedier commute!

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