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Comments made by Sunshinekilgirl

What Does 2010 Hold For San Diego Economy?

Regarding the Nursing Student or recent grad. who called in and was discussing not being able to get a job, I can assure you there is a nursing shortage. I work at a local hospital here in North County and we are over worked and under paid. Nothing new. I have been an RN since 1999 and there has been a constant shortage of RN's. The problem, in my humble opinion, is that hospitals are more concerned with profit than patient safety. On a daily basis we have managers hovering around the board (which lists patients) to see if they can justify the nursing staff on our unit for that particular moment. Believe me we need more RN's than we are allowed! We are put on call, then called in w/ in the hour then sent home a few hrs. later b/z the census has changed. Very frustrating! Most of the RN's i work with feel we need more staff just about every shift. I could elaborate for hours but you get the picture.
Another issue regarding the RN shortage is that there aren't enough programs to produce Nurses and the Nurses who teach aren't paid well so they don't want to keep teaching.
I truly hope Obama can help solve this issue w/ Healthcare Reform.
Good luck to you in obtaining the job you desire. Be tenacious because the Nursing Profession needs you!


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