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Comments made by SusanS

Money Likely A Factor In Carlsbad Cancer Testing

Let me get this straight - the parents asked for health authorities to collect data and see if there were an unusually high number of cancers in this area. Their request was granted, and the data showed no cancer cluster.

Now the parents don't believe this data and want a study of the dirt. What happens if that comes back negative? They won't believe that and will ask for a test of something else - water, air, power lines, cell towers?

I agree with the previous post. It's not the cancer registry data that's questionable; it's the cancer group's numbers that are unverified. I've lived in Carlsbad for a long time and haven't heard that total from anyone but these folks.

The state's report said it verified less than half the number of overall cases reported by this group of residents. Maybe the residents' report of 18 kids is just as unreliable.

I rely on data, not fear. I rely on experts, not amateurs. I rely on objective researchers, not grieving parents and scared neighbors. I'm not afraid of the school and I'm not moving away.

July 1, 2010 at 12:14 p.m. ( | suggest removal )