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Comments made by Susan_M

Comic-Con Wrap Up

Others that didn't require a badge: the Tr!ckster pop-up at East Village Tavern & Bowl and the associated art exhibit at Space4Art. Most of the schedule was free but they charged for seminars.

Raw Art Design had a free exhibit as did Alexander Salazar Fine Art. There's usually a free display on Hilton Bayfront lawn. Last year it was Batmobiles, this year was Teen Titan inflatables. The parking lot by Petco had lots of free booths, interactive stuff, exhibits + food trucks. New Children's Museum and Nerd HQ events required tix but not a Con badge.

Beth, was Gam3rcon free?

Still going: SD History Center has a Con-related exhibit up thru July 28 -- also Women's Museum at Liberty Station thru Sept 1.

I think the SD Tourism folks should do a better job of promoting the offsite events. People get the idea that Con tix are sold out & there's nothing left to do. Not the case at all.

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$600,000 Already Raised For Permanent Kiss Statue

Peking Duck, your first comment sums up exactly what I was feeling today. I'm usually a booster for San Diego and its art scene, but this news was discouraging. Why does the Port even have a public art commission and a strategic plan if the process can be overruled by anyone who can raise a million bucks?

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