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Comments made by Syntropic

New Play Explores The Darker Side Of Sunny San Diego's History

Congratulations on developing a story/play based on the dichotomy of the San Diego region. The Zoro Gardens of the 1935 Exposition held in Balboa Park were another example of the split personality of the Region. While a major attraction of the Exposition, it was raided by police and shut down.
There are many ways that the writers and actors can lead the audience through a short vignette glimpse of the cultural and social struggles embodied within the characters. I wish them success. Perhaps one day the Region will resolve the "Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde" saga that this burlesque character's story exemplifies.

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Filner, DeMaio Debate Border Issues, Immigration

Cross-border Olympics? The Olympic brand owners won't ever let that happen. The Retun on Investment, as evidenced by 2008 facilities in China and 2012 in Great Britain, would not fit the finances of the Region.
Perhaps the next Mayor of San Diego will consider becoming a Champion for an alternative idea that leverages the existing strengths of the Region.
The Syntropic(r) Games(TM), run as a non-profit, would invite the "Best of the Best" innovators from around the world to demonstrate their innovations on a phased, competitive basis throughout the region during the course of a year (2015?). Initial competitors would be drawn from worldwide competitions already in place, with a wild card round. Schedule educational, scientific, entertainment, cultural, and political events (including trade shows) around the Games using existing and new venues that showcase the Region and create interest and opportunities for new ventures.
Far fetched idea? Not really. If you look at the 1915 Panama-California Exposition as the model and update it 100 years for the changes in the Region's social, environmental, economic, and technological changes it makes sense.
More sense than building a bridge, road, and parking garage in Balboa Park while closing off three parking lots without having a transportation plan in place that accomodates increasing Balboa Park visitor level increase from 10 million to 20 million.
More information can be found at SanDiego2015 dot com

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The Tricky Intersection Of Politics And Philanthropy

San Diego, as a City and as a Region, should be thinking about how it can best develop and demonstrate technologies and thinking toward addressing the needs of the community while creating a sustainable world. The Jacobs/Sanders plan demonstrates the mid-20th Century thinking which removed the electric streetcar (trolley) lines in favor of promoting the private auto and inadequate bus transit systems.
In my unsolicited ideas surrounding making 2015 a Regional Celebration instead of a Balboa Park focused celebration, I suggested that the City consider public/private implementation of emerging technologies within Balboa Park that address pressing social, environmental, and economic issues. These include removal of private autos and implementation of an internal transportation system of automated electric vehicles that operate in tram/platoon mode or independently; use of pavers made with titanium dioxide derived compounds which remove volatile organic compounds when exposed to sunlight and have self-cleaning properties; establishment of an energy station on the Arizona Landfill within Balboa Park that creates hydrogen and oxygen from the aquifer underneath the Park which are used with geothermal, solar, wind, and methane to produce power for fuel cell or induction charged vehicles; the use of hydrogen fuel cell buses manufactured in California to establish an external transit system connecting Downtown with Uptown/Hillcrest/University Heights.
Our communities need transportation that supports aging in place, local power generation from renewable energy sources, cleaner air, and innovative projects which generate jobs and interest within the region. They do not need more private autos and valet parking.

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State Official Says Balboa Park Could Lose Historic Designation

Restore the historic view by trimming and removing trees that have overgrown and blocked it. Close Cabrillo Bridge and Heart of the Park to private autos. Restore Alcazar Garden and Organ Pavilion lots to historic uses, as well as Pan Pacific Plaza and Plaza de Panama. Build a multi-use structure at Inspiration Point that includes parking, Park offices, dining, sport/multi-use roof, meeting/rehearsal space, etc. as a destination. Link building to West side of Park Blvd. through a tunnel for pedestrian and public light electric vehicle & "tram". Implement a comprehensive internal transportation system that demonstrates electric induction charging, "swarm" robotics where vehicles link as trams/convoys or can deliver passengers or goods to specific destinations. Re-stripe Fifth/Sixth Avenues and West Mesa transportation corridors. Implement external circular public transportation system.
Create "Plazas of Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation & Opportunity" with "Streets of Dreams" within Balboa Park as a "City of Dreams" by marketing donations from visitors and residents to purchase special pavers with which to line Balboa Park's pedestrian friendly walkways: 1) Titanium Dioxide concrete that cleans itself and the air; 2) Etched with the Donor's "Dream" as a pictograph or limited number of characters ($ match by Twitter?); 3) Link to electronic database through QR code or other means where Donor's name, story behind Dream, etc. could be added; 4) GPS coordinates for each paver; 5) pavers color arranged in geo glyph patterns along the idea of the Nazca Lines in Peru - visible from the air, or other patterns (spiral, maze) that lead to inspiration, imagination, innovation, and creativity; 6) make concrete using sustainable new technology.
Make Balboa Park a Showcase for Sustainability by partnering with Business, the Public, and the Environment. Provide a platform that raises money for Balboa Park by partnering with Transportation and Technology companies for pilot projects that enhance the visitor experience while creating external linkages.
Do not have major elective cosmetic surgery in the form of a bypass bridge and underground parking garage in the Park's Heart that do not enhance the visitor experience.

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