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Comments made by TBo

California Officials Sue Alleged Mortgage Fraud Ring-Leaders

Kramer & Kaslow were set up. They were doing nothing illegal and were, in fact, doing everything they claimed for their clients. I know this because I am personally involved with people working on this case.

They were set up by another entity that was supposed to be acting on behalf of Kramer & Kaslow to collect money from new clients for them; K2 Law.

It appears that Bank of America used K2 as a Trojan Horse to set Kramer & Kaslow up for this big raid by the AG.

Bank of America was about to settle for over $6 billion in the Ronald v BofA case because of ALL the other clients who have been added in the mass joinder by Kramer & Kaslow. But NOW that the AG has has intervened, BofA will end up paying FAR LESS than the $6 billion they were ready to shell out in a couple of months.

This just goes to show how ruthless the "banksters" are and that they, along with their bought and paid for government flunkies, will do whatever it takes to avoid justice.

August 18, 2011 at 10:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )