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Comments made by TJ2

National Push For Chelsea's Law Gets Backing From Ex-Facebook Counsel

@esplla - currently there are more than 750,000 persons required to register as sex offenders in the community - growing in numbers every single day. This guy had a previous conviction that netted him 5 years in prison. Should all convicts like this be imprisoned for the rest of their lives (keeping in mind that inappropriately touching - over clothing perhaps - of a minor under 14 old can result in a prison sentence of 3-6-8 years.)

It is not like the State of California is broke. Are you willing to make concessions in other areas to fund this lifelong incarceration? I am not. This is not how I wish to live.

What WILL WORK is that Chris Kelly will ride Chelsea's Law and Proposition and whatever law appeals to the 'tough on crime but not so much on prevention' to some elected office.

May 3, 2013 at 3:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

National Push For Chelsea's Law Gets Backing From Ex-Facebook Counsel

Would it be too much to ask from this 'journalist' to report that the requirement of people required to register as sex offender to disclose their online identities was blocked by a California Judge hours after it was supposed to go into effect?

It is currently under review - but pretty much immediately suspended. The fact that the measure had 81% of voter support (seriously - who reads beyond the headline?) certainly does not mean that it is a good law or even in accordance with other, superseding laws. Not too long ago, in certain parts of the country, a proposition requiring African Americans to sit in the back of the bus would probably yielded similar results.

Again, dear Reporter, did you just copy a soundbite from Chris Kelly's press release? A little more journalistic integrity would be nice....

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