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Comments made by Thane

What Will New Editor Bring To The San Diego Union-Tribune?

As a former U-T photographer I look at the paper with an eye toward what opportunities are missed on the news side. I think the U-T editors acted just like newbys and out-of-towners on the recent earthquake coverage. After all the center of the quake is only a two-hour drive from Mission Valley. The use of digital photos and digital sky phones allow almost real-time photo transmission from the field and the paper could have had a photographer-reporter team on site while the aftershocks were still going on. I don't think the editors realize how many thousands of former Imperial Valley resident live in the San Diego area. Also the editors seemed to wait for an official body to report on damage and then they sought it out to report. Any 7 point plus quake is going to do great damage in any area and the editors should have realized that and started serious coverage earlier. Granted, there were no advertisers available to justify increasing the news hole but come on, this is national news in our own backyard. Make a plan, be ready for the next big story in our laps, keep a team ready to move with all the great tools we perfected in Iraq. These points aside I like the new U-T very much. Keep all the comics and the color obits. That's class!

April 19, 2010 at 10:15 a.m. ( | suggest removal )