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Comments made by The0ne

Review: 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

I couldn't sit through the movie at all. There were too many things that didn't sit well with me,

1. Prefer Toby. Andrew is too skinny face imo
2. Lack of details in so many aspects, for a reboot of an origin. Where he get the money for the webshooter? Stuff like this.
3. Gwen as the only love interest. I don't think Emma is right for the character as well.
4. Movie is long, takes forever to get anywhere
5. This spidey is very acrobatic
6. Villian is too weak imo, same for comics but then again who else besides bringing back Goblin and such :/
7. Uncle Ben and Aunt May is poorly cast too IMO. Rami's film hit the spot, just like Donner's superman.
8. Too flashy for my taste
9. Not enough details for me to connect with Peter because, as Beth already stated, Peter just isn't as tormented or poor. This is why Spiderman is so like, at least by me. He's a dirt poor college kid, with tons of problems but he tries his best to do the right thing.
10. Doing a reboot and origin retelling with a plot centered around his parents past is most likely never going to work unless you plan on tying it into Captain America or Avengers.
11. many more but oh well it's late and mispelling/grammar are starting to show :)

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Review: 'Dark Shadows'

I like the Burton and Depp mix but this movie was not what I expected. It didn't have enough "wow" and "ohh" factor for me which Burtons work usually does. Not enough funny moments and not enough character depth. I can forgive those really because I wanted to see what new thing Burton would bring to the movie. The use of grey was a nice touch but nothing new really. Overall I just left feeling empty and disappointed.

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Opening: Battleships And Babies

This movie is ahh...hmm...not sure I have the words for it. The guys, the girls, the special effects tyle...this is a jock/cheerleader type movie. Everyone's pretty and what not.

That second that hit me eventually ended the movie for me; it was at the very beginning when they began transmission to the other world. Now I can handle lightsabers, laser beams going off in short burst but a data transmission as a beam. Hmm, that was too much over my head even as an engineer. I had to remove myself from the theater to stop laughing, shortly after I just went home.

If I miss something after this in the movie that makes it worthwhile I'm not sure I want to know. I'll wait for the DVD.

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Review: 'The Avengers'

I loved the movie. I think Weldon did a fantastic job with just about everything from the script to the directing. The script is actually very good if only more people pay attention to it. And claiming that Iron Man was brilliantly written but dozing off baffles me to no end. I can't argue with others taste in movies. I didn't find 21 Jump Street at all entertaining much. I rather watch the series all over again than to sit through the movie the again.

Again, if you pay attention to the script, it really is well laid out and filled with hilarious tones. Tony Stark takes the cake on these of course. The setting for each character was very well done continuing from their respective movies, Hawkeye and Widow excluded of course but they had their short history told within the movie.

Capt America is suppose to be what you've said Beth, if not more...

"I always found Captain America a bit bland and tiringly patriotic." He is like batman and Superman mixed together; instinctive, tactical but always does what is "good" and "true." I'm actually glad Weldon didn't do this to Cap and instead gave him a shining part where he found phase 2 stuffs. It's this type of attention to detail that I find myself amazed at. I didn't know Weldon was a comic fan but after having seen the movie several times I have to agree or at least commend him for his fantastic efforts.

I can understand why some people may find the setting boring but seriously though you can't escape it. Transformer was NOT the first to introduce this alien attacking earth. Believe it or not :) Comics will eventually evolve to include aliens, of which some of the most powerful beings are at; hence the spoiler at the end of the movie. It doesn't have to be Avengers, any comic book heroes will eventually include the exact same setting. Therefore I suggest not fretting yourself over this minor issue but rather how well the setting is made with each director, such as Weldon has done with Avengers. Not many movies are fresh to begin with and we live in a world where it's easier to bank on sequels and old stories.

I just like to end my comments with how people could hate the script. I thought it was a great script with a little touch of everything, most importantly a touch of humanity to them so the viewer can relate emotionally to. I'm pretty sure rainestorm and ohwhatever wouldn't know or be able to cite examples from the movie on this. There are plenty, one just have to really pay attention.

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Review: 'The Raid: Redemption'

I was wondering when you would get around to this movie and I had thought you might not had had the time to watch it. Well, glad you did and glad you liked it as well.

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Review: 'The Hunger Games'

Well, I can go on and on but this movie was way too hyped. I have never been so disgusted with a movie in such a long time now. The script was bad, no character development whatsoever, ridiculous game setting, inconsistent portrayal of too many things to list, bad use of camera especially the nauseating shaky style, etc...

Again, sorry for the long post but it had to be said. This movie is not worth 2-3 stars at most. It's so bad I remember it enough to debate with anyone here if only to make it clear why I said what I said.

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Review: 'The Hunger Games'

All the hints that Woody gave to Katniss prior to being send to the game itself was all worthless. The movie did little to show the 5%, 10% and 20% death rate causes in the game. Water? Plenty, heck there's a huge river by the looks of the map. Cold? I don't know, several nights tie up in the tree with nothing on but the same clothes seems fine; several nights sleeping on the ground seems fine too. Diseases and injury? Apparently nothing on this as well. So then, again, what was all the drama in the middle for?

The medicine used in the movie not only cures but it cures and heals overnight, almost completely! The technology of the Capitol is astounding to say the least but enjoys the barbaric games that is held. Strange.

As Beth mentioned all 12 districts are suppose to by very poor. I did not get the sense of it at any point in the movie at all. Her flashback of the bread was worse than anything trying to resemble "poor" in the movie. In this sense one cannot really associate, at least not for me.

The neo post-war custom design is ludicrous. It's like those of Judge Dredd. Was ok for when it was released but shortly afterwards are utterly ridiculous. I can appreciate what they are trying to convey though as with many British type Neo post-war literature tries to do. Maybe I favor the Neo post-war of Japan like those in Akira and many other films.

Characters are lacking any sort of story to them. Woody's character seems to be a anguished rebellion trapped within the Capitol waiting for the right time to rise up and rebel. His mate, I assumed, is straight Capitol material with her manners and what not. Why she does to districts to pick and such I have no idea. What is her role in the Capitol, the games, to the tributes? Shrug. It appears shes only there to give the 2-3 remarks such as "That's oak wood!" and scare the audience with he costume. As for the other tributes there are almost 0 detail about them. How can this possible be when the movie is about them? I just really don't understand. How can anyone possible care for any of the 12 when they know absolutely nothing about them? Maybe just showing how young, small, innocent and cute Rue is is enough? No, it's not.

The ending. The ending was bad. The both came home on the 200mph speed train to a standing applause and ovation. I'm sitting there wondering why? These two just survived a hellish nightmare that EVERYONE knows about and even watched on the big screen. If anything, they would be comforting more than celebrating. And if they had the right to celebrate, was it for them surviving? winning for district 12? Or simply that it was the only once occasion to be happy in any district? Are they getting anything from winning? I can imagine Katniss having horrible nightmares about the game much like how she felt when Rue died in her arms (which I think was her fault for being portrayed as a ranger but have little sense to move her and Rue out of the way).

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Review: 'The Hunger Games'

The use of camera was horrible, so horrible I almost threw up a few times after 15mins into the movie. The shaky camera work is NOT put to good use and shakes more than CSI but not as bad as Blair Wtich.

The game itself is stupid. I can imagine very young kids liking this idea but to younger adults and adults like myself it's painful to watch. Again, let me explain. all 12 Tributes are toss into this very controlled wilderness. Setting aside how the games starts and half of the tributes are slaughtered, lets focus on the game itself. When someone is killed there is a cannon that goes off follow by a picture. Well, this isn't consistent throughout the movie and at one point towards the end when Katniss thought her fellow district 12 (forgot name) might have been killed and begins to search I almost laugh my ass off in the theater. I'm like, there's the cannon now comes, the movie takes off on its own to give the audience the sense of danger, worry, suspense, etc while Katniss searches and yells out loud for him. Well, she not only found him but the dead person which the Capital never showed. More on this below.

Later in the movie, the black guy is killed by vicous dogs "produced" by the Capitol out of thin air. The canon goes off and his picture is shown to all. Okayyyyy. That was easy enough. What then was all that crap above? And as I've mentioned the Capital can controll EVERYTHING in this wilderness, even produced the dogs that probably doesn't exist. What this means for us adults is that the Capital has utter complete control who they want to win. This is obvious when they prevented Katniss from reaching one of the borders, in flames and broken small branches of course. But the best part was the huge fireball seemingly coming out of nowhere.

This leads to the movie not really explaining why when Katniss raised 3 fingers that Rue's district rioted, why the others didn't. Worse, since all district knew the rules of the game why it hadn't happened before, if they did. The movie doesn't explain. Maybe because it was the tenderness in which Katniss treated Rue? If matters not because EVERYONE knows there's ONLY ONE survivor. All the young and small will not survived as showed when they are toss into the game itself. Then you wonder, is she going to be some sort of leader for a future rebellion? But the movie gives you nothing else.

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Review: 'The Hunger Games'

This movie doesn't deserve the attention and credit that everyone appears to be giving it. I'm going to take some time and hopefully don't run out of space to express my disappointment with this film.

The script is horrible leading to some much worse after-effects. The pace is ok but very little develops in terms of the story or the characters, any of them in fact. The movie takes it time to explain to the audience what it has already told at the very beginning, but in doing so it presents some mindless, shallow characters along with some pointless trials and presentations that each of the chosen has to go through.

I'll explain. All characters have no backstory at all, save for the main character and even hers is sketchy at most. What we know is that she's strong, takes care of her mom and baby sister, can shoot well with a bow, has a good friendship with a boy and...that's it. This is not enough for a main character. As for the rest of the contestants you get NADA. This is bad because if you're attentive you wonder why the hell some of the others like the violence, why they enter again, and so forth. Then you wonder about the boy with her, supposedly very strong because he's been lifting bags. Great, something to add to her bow skills. Neither skills are use properly throughout the entire film. He was just baggage nothing else worthwhile that the film cared to show. Her bow skills comes down to one kill in close range while she gets Rue killed. Most people would think she's a ranger with some skills but this is not the case because the movie does very little to showcase anything really. Action is not a part of this movie, sorry.

Obtaining sponsors was a complete waste of the movie's middle half. All that training, presentations, speeches and drama...they were all for nothing. All the warnings of how to survive the wilderness was pointless. Why you ask? Well, for one thing you don't see a single sponsor drop a single match to whomever they had picked. What was the whole point of the movie middle then? You got me. To be fair Katniss got several items but they were most likely not from sponsors but rather from Wood Harrison's character (because of the ramarks).

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Rants and Raves: Reflecting On The Oscars

Who are the judges for Academy and Golden Globe? I partial know but do you guys? If not I think it's worthwhile to take a look and see why things "are" the way they are. Call it what you will but I don't watch either anymore.

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