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Comments made by TheAholeAtheist

San Diego Atheist Group Looks To Spread Non-Belief

This is the guy in the Propeller Hat and Rainbow Suspenders. My name is Tommy J & I am down in the park most weekends helping people cure themselves from the Faith Virus. Some friends told me I was on this clip so I thought I would check it out.

Point NUMBER ONE; I am NOT a member of the San Diego Coalition of Reason as the article states. It is true I hang out by the outreach tent each weekend, but I do so because I like the way many of the loose gathering of people think. I don't speak for the SDCOR. My views are my own, and my speech is my own

I am an atheist. I am irreverent, I am a wise-guy/clown raised in NYC (hence my theistic pretzel and Cheez-Its jokes). I am not an atheist evangelist but I do proselytize for the cause of critical thinking and if you take me seriously (as one commenter seemed loath to do), you do so at your own risk.

Not to beat a dead horse (although I am sure it would be more fruitful than a few conversations I have had with some theists) but, as an atheist, it is not that I don't believe in anything. It is simply that I reserve my belief(s) for things which warrant my belief based on at least some empirical evidence. What I find absurd is faith. I view faith as a virus and I believe, and claim, that faith needs to be abolished from our thinking.

Faith is a failed epistemology as a pathway to knowledge or truth and I am down in Balboa Park almost every weekend ready to take on any and all comers on this subject, rainbow suspenders and all. I do not get into discussions on religion with the devout nor the amature congregant. My only reason for being there is to have fun, watch the beautiful women walk by, and have the occasional theosophical discussion on the topic of faith and what it means in our lives and to our society.

My atheism is a religion to me as "OFF" is a TV channel to someone wanting to be entertained by the boob tube after a hard day of work. I'm not one of those so called "angry atheists" with an ax to grind just so I can plant it in some theistic skull. I'm an American who is very concerned with why most people from other more educated countries than America have the attitude "Stupid Americans."

Faith, unchecked and left to fester, will be our downfall.

Or do you think I'm wrong? Want to challenge me to a battle of wits?

Want to simply understand why I make such claims??

Want a pretzel???

You know where to find me. Look up the event on MeetUp. Come to the park and look for me on the Prado, I don't exactly blend into a crowd.

Just so you know, unlike almost every theist I have spoken with, I enter into every discussion totally willing to modify, or even change, my beliefs and worldview. Do You?

Have a GROOVY Day
tommyj -AKA- TheAholeAtheist

November 24, 2013 at 4:52 p.m. ( | suggest removal )