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Comments made by TheApeHunter

Lawmaker Proposes Bills To Better Protect Kids

One would think that we would have more intelligent politicians. Its truly not that difficult to figure out -

The Federal Government collects our taxes. The Federal Government determines the manner in which the American people can best be served through the expenditure of their tax dollars. The Federal Government installed a nationwide, networked, computerized system, with which, law enforcement agencies can cooperate by utilizing a centralized databank for the purpose of retrieving stolen automobiles from anywhere in the country. The Federal Government attributes high priority status to American's stolen automobiles

American's children go missing. Americans must place their hopes in the abilities of local law enforcement agencies, that they may successfully locate their children before they're taken beyond county lines. Otherwise, law enforcement agencies encounter a block wall when attempting to initiate cooperation from agencies beyond county lines. They simply lack an emplaced, networked system that is designed for the purpose of retrieving abducted/missing children. The Federal Government doesn't attribute an equal degree of priority to American's children, as they do to American's automobiles

Perhaps, Americans feel they can personally produce replacement children, much more proficiently & with greater ease, than they can automobiles?

The Federal Government desires that auto thieves be caught... but not child abductors???

February 15, 2011 at 10:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )