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Comments made by TheCoopScoop

Occupy Wall Street Comes To San Diego

This movement lost it's appeal as soon as the socialist unions infiltrated them. They are like any cult - get the disenfranchised to join them so they can take their money and give it to the same Democrats who have been in control of the government since 2006...about the time everything went down the tubes. They should be marching on "K" Street in DC where all the lobbyists who actually control the corporate political puppets. One final thing...if the government took all the money from the corporations and gave it to the have-nots...the outcome would be the same in most cases of the knuckleheads who win the lottery and piss away their money and are once again left with nothing. They don't have money because the universe gives it to those who can deal with it, are ready for it and earned or deserved it. Taking away from people who earned it and giving it to people who didn't is communism at its height in Eastern Europe...the poor loved the communists because the stole everything for the aristocrats and gave "some" of it to them. That didn't work out too well and now they are getting the stolen loot back. We need change - but not by socialists of the Unions and from the European infiltrators (the Greece and London professional radicals who are here now) and are partly responsible for this occupation.

October 7, 2011 at 3:47 p.m. ( | suggest removal )