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Group To Appeal Mt. Soledad Cross Ruling

I'm guessing Bilbray & Hunter are both Christian, judging by the fact that they are not uncomfortable with having only a single, clearly Christian religious symbol to "honor the troops".

Honoring those who served with a strictly religious symbol is fine with me, but only if we move ahead and install a Jewish Star, and all other religious symbols.of those who served (Hindu, Muslim, Greek Orthodox, Unitarian, LDS, Scientology...) along side the Crucifix.

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Court Rules California's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Wonder how a kid turns out when raised by a couple Lesbians?
(watch here!)

Some say that "Love Makes A Family"... NOT a paired penis/vagina.

How 'bout we focus on something important, like how to get along and not rape this planet?

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Analysis: Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

Well written, Peking! It's up to you and me to support social & political decisions that create a better future for our world.

I would add that it is our civic duty to promote fairness and freedom for our citizens. Allowing marriage among gays or lesbians actually promotes 'Family Values' by creating more-stable family units which most closely resemble the 'traditional' model (TwoParents+2.2kids).

The fact is, in families with gay or lesbian parents, the fact of an extra penis or vagina seems NOT to affect the kids at all. Really now, what kid wants to know details of their parents' sexuality!

The fact that a married partner is unable to procreate should have NO bearing on marriage. I've got a vasectomy, my wife's in menopause, so no 'children production' for us... should that invalidate OUR marriage?

Politics based on 'Religious Dogma', no matter if it is Christian, Muslim or Jewish, is NOT good policy. Please don't preach your "shellfish abomination" or any other "abominations", thank you.

Our 'Proud American Heritage' includes some awful history: Slavery, Native Americans mistreatment, Immigrant bigotry, more recently, Guantanamo. Religious bigots, you can let the grip on your fears loosen a bit... The gays won't hurt you & your marriage: you are safe, and your children are safe.

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Developer Doug Manchester Buys Union-Tribune

If y'all are not already reading San Diego's two weekly papers, you should:
(available free, at newstands)

San Diego READER


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San Diego DA Wants Rewrite Of Medical Marijuana Laws

It's hard to admire our otherwise effective, hard-working DA Dumanis, when she makes such utterly nonsensical statements to the press such as the ones above.

Perhaps Ms Dumanis would like to read pages 9 and 10, of the Attorney General Guidelines, which are posted on her office's website:
(see section B/6/C - quoted below )

B. Guidelines for the Lawful Operation of a Cooperative or Collective:
6. Permissible Reimbursements and Allocations: Marijuana grown at a
collective or cooperative for medical purposes may be:
a) Provided free to qualified patients and primary caregivers who are
members of the collective or cooperative;
b) Provided in exchange for services rendered to the entity;
c) Allocated based on fees that are reasonably calculated to cover
overhead costs and operating expenses; or
d) Any combination of the above.

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Psychologist Looks For Ways To End Marijuana Addiction

I wonder how many of those 735 calls were from smokers, and how many from parents of smokers.

As a parent, I empathize with other parents who do their best, and despite that, see their kids get on a bad path, lose themselves to bad habits, give up on school, mix with criminals, eventually becoming criminals & losers.

Fortunately, my ex & I did our best, and our daughter has turned out pretty great, (phew!), and has avoided drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

CFC (previous poster) nailed it. Marijuana is FAR less harmful, less dangerous than either alcohol or tobacco. Do I want to see kids smoking it? NO!!!

The single greatest danger surrounding marijuana is the the utter destruction of one's life when law enforcement lowers the hammer. Yes, Marijuana is a drug, and when used by responsible adults, it is NOT a problem. Fact: most adults in 'treatment' for marijuana use are forced to be there by the Courts, NOT because they need 'treatment'.

If this plant Cannabis sativa, was discovered this year in the Amazon RainForest, there would be a Nobel Prize for medecine awarded, it has THAT much promise!
It' is TIME to look back at the 80-year history of hysteria surrounding marijuana, and take a sober look at the millions of lives ruined by... the 'Drug War', not marijuana.

November 25, 2009 at 9:43 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Medical Marijuana Growers Face Risky Legal Environment

I appreciate the fact that KPBS shows the interest in this very important topic, and look forward to follow-up reports, in particular, on the current prosecution of several collectives that were raided following completely legitimate sales of medical marijuana to qualified patients (who turned out to be police officers, who lied to get their doctor recommendations).

So, this is a pretty good, balanced report, however...

The reporter, Tom Fudge and I spoke on tape for quite a while, and the "cartel" comment was a bit out of context. I emphatically stated that I believe NO 'cartels' are involved in supplying medical marijuana (mmj) to dispensaries in San Diego County. (Though I can 'imagine' a lot of things).

For over a decade, California Law has provided for safe access to medical marijuana, and our County Supervisors, our DA, and many in law enforcement conspire to circumvent those laws, and continue to do their best to crush any and everyone who is involved in growing and supplying medical marijuana to their patient/members.

In my opinion, THAT is the story here.

The statement by our DA, Bonnie Dumanis, that 'patients should grow their own' is preposterous. Medical marijuana results from consistent careful cultivation, in a very controlled environment. For inexperienced novice growers, crop failure is the rule, not the exception. Our Collective was formed to provide much-needed assistance to patients who do want to buy mariijuana off the street (since Dispensaries remain under attack here).

If you want to REALLY know what's happening in San Diego, spend a few moments at these links: - A collective delivery service, making a delivery of medical marijuana to a qualifed patient. Unfortunately, this was a 'sting' operation called "Operation Greejn/RX" - designed to crush all the medical marijuana delivery services in SanDiego. - San Diego NORML - Americans for Safe Access - California NORML

If you are outraged by the actions of our local law enforcement and County Board of Supervisors - GET INVOLVED and speak up.

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San Diego Faces a Medical Marijuana Industry

Tom, good informative article.

What is missing is coverage of, even mention of the "Local Problem". Our County DA, Bonnie Dumanis, (as evidenced by Prosecutor Walter's cynical comment) and the majority of the County Board of Supervisors are openly hostile to:
a/ Medical Marijuana use by Qualified Medical Marijuana Patients
b/ Providers of Medical Marijuana to Qualified Medical Marijuana Patients
c/ Delivery services providing Medeical Marijuana to Qualified Medical Marijuana Patients

The San Diego City Council has the balls to openly address the situation, and had begun discussions which will be a HUGE help to qualified medical marijuana patients obtaining safe, high-quality, less-expensive medicine.

By allowing Collectives to provide medical marijuana to qualified patients, there is an instant division between legal, and illicit posession, use, and sale. Because legal, medical sales/distribution to qualified patients through legal Collectives is right 'out in the open", the Police are will regain thousands of hours of officers' time, better used solving major crimes and keeping us safe.

Medical marijuana patients are not to be feared. They are not drunk drivers, they are not violent or dangerous, mostly, they are just like you & me. And since 1996, because medical marijuana is LEGAL, they are NOT criminals. Please do not treat them like they are.

Will Johnson
The Kind Gardeners Collective

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