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Comments made by TheTruth

Marijuana Shops Closing Amid Federal Crackdown

Just another thing that proves We The People's opinions mean absolutely nothing. Protect and serve is the exact opposite of what is going on, shutting down MEDICAL DISPENSARIES and imprisoning people will do way more harm than them selling meicine to people. All these people against marijuana should see the real harm and damage to anybody through our medical system is the pharmaceutical industry which accounts for thousands and thousands of deaths every year but in the known 10,000 years of marijuana use there has not been a single death and honestley it is so much easier for a child to simply get those pills that "help" their parents right out of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom than it is to go and get your medical card and get marijuana which wouldn't even harm them even if they did. Marijuana is still a schedule one "narcotic" which says it has no known medical use while schedule two narcotics that suposeably have medical use are drugs like COCAINE, METH, OPIUM and many many other drugs that cause addiction and death in many cases whether be used "medically" or recreationally. IT'S TIME FOR EVERYBODY TO WAKE UP AND SEE THE REAL PROBLEMS IN THIS COUNTRY.

October 29, 2011 at 1:35 p.m. ( | suggest removal )