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Comments made by ThomasDeSoto

Roundtable: More Darrell Issa, More Funds For County Supervisors, No Shelter In Escondido

Recently the Escondido Planning Commission voted to turn away immigrant children from a non-profit facility and were heckled by protesters from "The Heritage Foundation" , a Neo-Nazi arm of the GOP Republican Party. This was set up, a well organized, richly financed by the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and the GOP who has a long History of Pandering to the Super Wealthy and their personal agendas in order to take over public immigration hearing such as the one in Escondido with hundreds of members protesting in unison to verbally object too and intimated these charitable humanitarian facilities, as if these protestors actually live in Escondido themselves. They're all paid professional agitators, who make comments like the ones seen in the Union Tribune. This tightly nit, well organized group whose deceptive tactics of intimidation are designed to work in conjunction with the articles written by the Union Tribune, by pro Republican journalist to deceive the public into thinking that the majority of residents in Escondido are against this charitable facility. They tell others that a small minority of Spanish speaking people live in Escondido and they have no political voice and no political polling power to fight back, attempting to discourage any would be opposition from the Latino community. They say these young migrate children "Cost to much" and this will raise everyone's "taxes" in the community, when in fact the federal Government pays the majority of the bill. These people have no moral compass and are paid to object to everything Nobel that America stands for. Their actions are suspect and these types of organized protest are against the law. You ask, why would these people be so mean spirited against such a charitable organization trying to help children from the horrors of a drug war that we ourselves initiated in America. It's because of votes. These people realize that Latinos never vote Republican and by allowing more into this country dooms their chances of ever gaining political power in the future. I wish an attorney would investigate to see if anyone from the City Counsel knew prior and was monetarily motivated to this deception. If anyone from the Planning Commission attended the secret Koch Brothers meetings in Laguna Beach a few weeks prior and if anyone from the UT was there as well. The employees of the hotel could easily identify the players involved. If so, they could find themselves in big trouble and face felony charges if this story went viral. This was a well oiled conspiracy and it wouldn't take much effort by a true investigative journalist to expose these non-profits conservatives. The Supreme Court recently allowed "Donors Trust" and "Citizens United" a front group for Karl Rove and Koch Industries to poor billions into political campaigns and this was a direct result of such misguided legislation that were recently enacted.

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Dumanis Wrote Letter For Mexican Donor's Relative

Great reporting Amita Sharma, your professionalism, integrity and service to your community is greatly appreciated and respected by all of us here in San Diego. Bless you and your family for the truth that you continually provide each night on PBS. Bravo!!!!

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