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Comments made by TirawaJoy

San Diego Wildlife Advocates Pave Way To Restore Gray Wolves In California

First, I must say that I am happy that our wolves are getting press, but this is yet another 'fluff' piece that does not do any investigating into the background of the Mexican Grey Wolves FIGHT to come back from near extinction.

There were to be over 100 Mexican Grey Wolves by or before 2006. It is 2014 and we ONLY have 83.

The release of additional breeding pairs have been hampered from the inception of this plan for recovery due to politics and it continues to this day.

The AZ F&G have killed wolves during their attempts to capture and either do health checks or relocation of them...these have largely been covered up.

AZ and NM F&G have laid traps and feel that the traps will not be an issue with the a result the wolves are being killed in traps.

AZ F&G Commissioners are appointed (as in all states) by the Governor. Ours in Arizona are all members of the NRA and multiple other groups which have been named DEFENDANTS in Pro-Wolf organizations lawsuits to try and PROTECT WOLVES. One of the AZ F&G Commissioners poached and killed an endangered species and it was swept under the table. These commissioners want the Mexican Wolves hunted for any reason and have lied in their testimony to get this front and center at the State Legislative Session currently going on.

There are THREE wolf bills in Arizona currently. All are premature and fueled by Americans For Prosperity (Koch brothers funded). SB 1211 is very brutal indicating that a wolf can be 'taken' (killed) in part for any reason with no repercussions, be it by F&G or a private person. It further allows the HUNTING of wolves by GUN, Bow and Arrow, SNARING, TRAPPING and DOGS (this is dog fighting and illegal).

Yes, if I was ignorant to the plight of our wolves, this piece would make me feel all warm and fuzzy, but the COLD REALITY is that if Arizona and New Mexico get their way, they will join with Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan and SLAUGHTER these apex predators that are essential for OUR LIVES.

February 19, 2014 at 11:19 a.m. ( | suggest removal )