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Comments made by TonyD

Should San Diego Charge Residents For Trash Pickup?

I think a great disservice was done during this morning's discussion on These Days, wherein Tom Fudge framed the discussion on trash service in San Diego as a fairness issue, with that service being "free" for some residents and not for others. As noted in previous comments, the service is paid for in taxes collected from property owners and therefore not free. In terms of fairness, apartment dwellers do not pay property taxes and yet enjoy many other 'free' services, such as libraries, parks and recreation facilities. If the 'fairness' argument is carried forward, shouldn't there be a 'fee' charged for those 'free services? Of course not. The real issue is the mismanagement of taxes by city government and their continuing efforts to burden taxpayers further with cleaning up their mess and closing the gaping holes in the city's budget by finding the means to drain our wallets, instead of facing some very tough choices, such as going to court and dealing with the unions' exorbitant and wholly indefensible DROP retirement scheme. The taxpayers have sent a message to the politicians, as seen by their overwhelming rejection of Prop D. Our message is mend your ways, stop serving special interest groups, stop asking the taxpayers to pay for your 'business as usual', politically expedient choices that do not do the most good for the most people and deal with the issues you created by reducing spending programs. Start with taking on the DROP program, in court if necessary. Reduce all non-essential city payroll by 10-15% (excluding fire and police). Move all retirement programs to 401k programs. End early retirements that allow access to retirement funds, with the minimum age matching federal standards. Do those things before pitting the citizens of San Diego, one against the other, with specious arguments which call our current trash service "free" and frame the trash service discussion as a "fairness" issue.

December 8, 2010 at 10:13 a.m. ( | suggest removal )