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Comments made by Trappedinaworldhenevermade

Debate Over Prop A: Should City Ban Project Labor Agreements?

Peking_Duck_SD: the phrase you're looking for is "beady-eyed" not "beaty-eyed."

Well, Donna Frye is right about one thing: this is about the unions. Construction union operatives twist the arms of elected officials to vote to require construction companies to sign Project Labor Agreements with them as a condition of working on a taxpayer-funded project. Most people see that scheme for what it is: unions using the government to eliminate their competition and increase the costs.

Proposition A stops the scheme. Unions HATE it when the people get to vote on their policies, because they go down in flames.

Donna Frye complains about the alleged cost of the ballot measure, as if it wasn't one of numerous things for San Diego citizens (and non-citizens) to vote on in June. I think President Obama (on the ballot for Democrat nominee for president) is actually the reason for the cost of the election.

Frye needs to blame the people who signed the petition to put it on the ballot. What is wrong with the people and their silly idea that they should cling to their money instead of making the world a better place by giving it to the government? If only we could get rid of these ballot measures, then the wise masters on the city council could impose Project Labor Agreements without that pesky check and balance from the people who pay the bills. Gosh darn democracy!

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