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Comments made by Trick

Boy Scouts Vote To Admit Openly Gay Members

JeanMarc, you've sort of proven your own point... or, more accurately, Peking_Duck's. Yes. In Afghanistan, society has decided that being non-Muslin should not be tolerated. It's part of the fabric of that country. Obviously, seen from outside, it can look pretty brutal -- and it is, but it happens because at least a segment of Afghani society condones it.

Are those actions morally correct to those people? Sure. As unbelievable as that may sound, they find actions like you describe to be utterly moral.

We obviously see things differently here, and I'm sure you'd agree that's a good thing. Here in the States, we place a much higher value on tolerance for cultural differences, and tend not to be as prone to standing idly by while people are persecuted for not living by some group's ideal of "normal." That's a big reason why we're not Afghanistan.

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Bill Would Treat E-cigarettes Like Other Tobacco

"Other" tobacco? Since when do e-cigarettes contain tobacco?

It's no wonder misguided, needless legislation like this gets passed when people obviously have no idea what they're talking about.

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