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Comments made by Troops2College

Bills Allowing Vets to Pay In-State College Tuition Move Forward

What the politicians aren't realizing is that either bill would prevent veterans from being able to claim federal dollars to pay the out-of-state portion of tuition - a loss of federal funding for California schools as well. Even worse, if residency is granted retroactively after a veteran receives a funding package, (s)he may have to pay back thousands of dollars to the school or the VA, potentially causing even more financial problems for the student.

A better solution would be to earmark funds for California's public colleges and universities to participate in the VA's optional "Yellow Ribbon Program," and make such participation mandatory. This way, veterans still get 100% coverage from their GI Bill at no extra cost to them, their nonresident fees are fully covered, and schools get to keep the federal funding. It would also cost the state less than half of the price tag of the current proposition, since state dollars are matched with federal dollars. Veterans are happy, schools are happy, and taxpayers are happy. It's a win-win-win strategy!

We've already contacted our representatives in Sacramento, but they haven't even acknowledged this alternative solution. Please help spread the word!

Please see (and share!) this article for more info:

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