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Review: Holiday Roundup

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I felt Rooney should have study a lot more and had deeper understanding of her character.

Also the actors did not find their character's humor, so the characters were bit flat.

I felt cheated in way because there was so much hype about the director doing no holds bar type of film, but it wasn't.

Over all, it was just ok movie, if you were really bored, it be something to watch. But to compare to the Swedish version he doesn't hold a candle. Once again Hollywood ruin a perfectly good movie. If you hadn't read the books or seen the Swedish versions, you would probably love this move, or think this movie is the bomb.

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Review: Holiday Roundup

I totally agree with the author for the blog of "The Girl With the Dragoon Tattoo" I did not watch the whole movie, because I left in the middle of it. An hour had gone by and it hadn't picked up. I found the Hollywood version very boring and very slow. The opening was the longest I have ever seen. I thought I was watching a commercial, then a new James Bond film.

I was not impress with the acting of a lot of the actors. I was especially surprise and not impress with the acting of Daniel Craig and Christoper Plumber. Those being two of my favorites, I thought they could have done better.

The accents of the actors could have been better. They had lost their accent. Moments it would sound German, English, American. They could not keep their accent. I think the director should have put his actor through Swedish culture training. I did not feel the actors understood how to be Swedish in the bit or felt the director understood the Swedish-ness, that would have made the film a lot better.

As for Daniel Craig playing Mikhail, he acted way too English, he was very posh, and not enough down to earth and too stylish for his clothing, and too good looking and too James Bond

For as Rooney playing Lisbeth Salander she fell quit short. She need not have that aggressive, or that rawness that Noomi had. Nor did I feel she understood her character. She played Lisbeth too weak. For example always averted her eyes when someone talks to her. Lisbeth Salander does not see herself as a victim, she is pass being that. She has already came to terms of her abusing childhood and has made promise to herself that she would never be the victim. She is a fighter. Nor did I not like that she had no fight to her, especially the blowjob scene, there was this submissive nature to her. She did not carry with her an intense presence. I thought she could have played the character a lot better.

I also felt Rooney, and the director did not understand the rape scene. The rape scene could have been a lot better. It was watered down. It wasn't as intense as the Swedish version. Bluman didn't hit Salander, he slap on the handcuffs. They did not capture the cruelty of the rape scene and as to say "Shit like this never happens. And it seem Rooney and the directer forgot that Lisbeth Salander got rape for a whole day, because Rooney hurry out of room. If you were rape like Salander was, you be limping all the way home.
And when Lisbeth was in the shower they could have showed that Bluman beat the hell out of her, but didn't. There was a hint of bruising, but nothing that mad you think of feel "Oh my God......"...

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