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Comments made by TruthinEducation

Grier Says San Diego Unified Unlikely to Secure Special Stimulus Funds

Tying teacher salary or funding to student performance encourages cheating on state achievement tests. I have seen this first hand, over and over, as a teacher in San Diego County. Ten years ago, when Governor Davis, of CA, handed out large sums of money to all school staff in schools that met certain criteria for improvement on test scores, at least one large school in SDUSD was involved in a plan to cheat and did so. Each staff person received approx. $15,000. Ridiculous. I asked one of the people who worked there why she/he participated in this fraud. The response, "I had bills to pay and no other way to get the money." Then, additionally, the educator said, "I could never report my colleagues, the principal threatened our jobs if we told anyone." This was not an isolated incident. Even the No Child Left Behind Act causes enough constirnation with the threat of people losing their jobs and school closures, to cause cheating. Lastly, the public and the politicians should realize that schools are highly political. The cronies of the principal, who may be no good at all, but can make it look like they are, will end up with the perks. I am glad that the state of CA cannot link test scores to teacher performance. This is barking up the wrong tree and due to no accountability when these tests are taken, encourages fraud.

August 14, 2009 at 7:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )