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Comments made by Tusau

California Parole System Criticized

Article after article that I have read, focuses on the results of “leaving the barn door open,” instead of preventing the sex offender problem in the first place. The tragic child molestation stories, of course, are sensational content for the TV, radio, and Internet broadcasts, increasing their ratings by pondering to hysteria brought on by these unfortunate events.

The argument that “prisons are full” is another simple excuse that legislators and law enforcement communicate to the public to defend their unsuccessful progress in preventing these herendous crimes.

Focusing on laws we have is one form of prevention. However, for this focus to be effective, legislators must DEVELOP A SEX REGISTRY FOR ONLY THOSE HIGH RISK, DANGEROUS OFFENDERS so they can direct those laws, resources and monitoring only on the 5.3% who are really dangerous. Washington State's sex offender comprehensive counseling programs really work.

Ms. Penner seems resigned at the end of her article by saying “the story goes on” when she should be writing articles that demand that law enforcement do its job by preventing these dangerous person from committing these crimes in the first place.

April 7, 2010 at 10:35 a.m. ( | suggest removal )