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Comments made by UptownActivist

Race For Mayor Grows To More Than Three Dozen Potential Candidates

As Mayor, Bruce Coons will continue the Progressive vision that San Diegans voted for in November 2012.

Bruce's management skills and his win-win philosophy have been critical to success both in protecting San Diego's historic resources and heightening public awareness of its heritage.

Councilmember Alvarez is flip flopping on the Balboa Park/Jacobs Plan. His voting record is just the opposite of his most current position. Council member Sherri Lightner was the ONLY council vote to oppose the Jacobs Plan.

"Bruce Coons has a solid record of fighting for issues and causes important to the residents of our communities. He recognizes that the city is at a crossroads. He has a unique perspective about what works and does not work in San Diego, with an insider's understanding of problems and solutions. Bruce is now ready to turn his tireless energies and experience to the role of mayor for all San Diegans."

Check out his website or "like" his Facebook page at

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