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Comments made by VAHall

Arts-In-Corrections Program Returns To California Prisons

I agree completely, Peking_Duck SD. We have gone, in my lifetime, from a system of "rehabilitation" (realizing that something must change 'inside' for things to change 'outside' for an incarcerated person) to a system of warehousing, forced labor, and waste of human potential on a grand scale. We have moved from being compassionate, forgiving, and redemptive to being punitive. Parole officers were once more like social workers, who helped their clients reintegrate into society and had a stake in their success. Now, parole officers are failed corrections officers/prison guards, who get bonuses for every parole violation they "catch". It is sickening and tragic, both. I don't know exactly when we got so punitive, or why, or just what exactly the California Corrections & Peace Officers Association or "Victims United" (their PAC) had to do with it... something about being in bed with CA's governors for the last several decades. Not sure either what the increased value of "corrections stock" or the privatization of prisons had to do with it, but we all know if there is a constant demand for a product or service, the business is successful.

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Sex Offender Email Alert System Launching In San Diego County

This law, and this new program, do NOT protect children. It gives parents a false sense of security. Contrary to popular belief, as a group, sex offenders have the lowest rate of reoffense of all the crime categories. These statistics completely fly in the face of politicians' allegations about sex offenders being the most likely group of criminals to re-offend for their initial crime, but these are the facts. 1.8% is the reported reoffense rate in California. Secondly, the VAST majority of child sexual abuse is perpetrated within the child's own family and close social circle. Those perpetrators are NOT on a registry, and you will NOT be receiving email about them. Focusing on ex-offenders takes the focus away from those who would, and are, harming chidren. Finally, there are some 750,000 people nationwide subject to registration, about 100,000 in California. There are well over 100 offenses which require registration - not all are violent, and not all involved a child, or even another human being. So, who is truly dangerous, and who is not? No way to tell. Do you trust your email to tell you? DOn't. Education and prevention are key to responsible parenting. Educate your children, keep an open dialogue with them, and do not rely on government email or a bloated registry to keep them safe. A new, better way to protect us? Not so much.

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