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Comments made by VAZ92110

Court Tosses San Diego County's Concealed Weapons Rules

This is perfect timing. I've just recently moved here from Florida in which I have a valid concealed weapons license and I've heard that Califonia had strict gun laws but man! I was reading on the requirements and ran into the same snag; I pass the background check, I've had the training, and I'm in the military but still didn't meet the third element of having a reason or threat other than I'm a productive member of society who wants to have the opportunity to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights to have a concealed weapon on me for self defense..

I'm finishing my Bachelors in law and I'm about to apply for Law School and I'm still having issues getting straight foward answers about the legalty of driving around San Diego with a gun because the States Legislature in California's penal code is so vague. For an example I have to have the weapon unloaded in a locked box with ammo in a seperate enclosed area. the center coucil and glove box are not authorized, but an enclosed trunk is; However I own an SUV and that trunk is not enclosed and the law doesn't specify it's requirement of an enclosed area. I've asked police and they can't give me an answer that can guarentee that a cop won't mess with me; Obvioisly because they want to only be the one allowed to have guns so they can continue to sexually assault innocent woman on the streets!

I've even contacted attorney's and haven't had any of my calls responded back. Does anyone know where I can retrieve the correct info from? If not I'll have to continue searching. It kills me that ironically once the state sees that there's the possibilty of losing a case that can cause a significant impact on existing gun laws that diminishes there grasp on our 2nd Amendment, they conveniently introduce a law that authorizes background check on purchases of ammunition. Thank god for John Marshall's estsblishment of Judicial review in 1803 that stemmed from Marbury v. Madison, because without it we'd all be screwed!

It kills me that the government doesn't want me owning a gun, but Billonaires like Bloomberg of New York want to try and push laws that relinquish the rights for average citizens to own weapons; But feels that he's better than us and above the law and wants to pass laws that allows Politicians and the right for his 6 man security team the authorization to have guns. WAKE UP PEOPLE! THERE'S SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS GOING ON!

February 17, 2014 at 8:05 p.m. ( | suggest removal )