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Comments made by Valibaby12

Pit Bull Attack Raises Questions Over Pet Regulations

Two weeks ago I was leaving my home with my two small dogs when two Pit Bulls attacked us on my front porch. It was one of the most horrific scenes I was victim and was witness to. I even sprayed pepper spray directly into their eyes and it did not stop the attack. After what it seem a life time of several screams for help. Two men came to the rescue and removed the dogs. My dogs barely escaped with their lives after with 2000 dollars of vet bills.
Before the attack I often could hear the dogs barking all day in the backyard. I am guessing they were probably never walked or exercised. The dogs were taken to animal control until a safe dog hearing was conducted.
I attended the safe dog hearing and learned there were two other compliants of attacks on other pets by these dogs. The names of the dogs are Felony and Misdemeanor need I say more. I learned that the female was in heat and the male was her mate. The female PB already had puppies twice.
The hearing was a joke. The owner came to the hearing dressed so provocative that her breasts were practically falling out of her blouse. She also had a friend accompanied her at the hearing who was dressed in the same attire. I am sure that was calculated move on the owner’s manipulation to get the attention off the issues with her dogs. This could have been a skit on Saturday Night Live. Both officers’ at the hearing were Men by the way.
I was asked to attend the hearing as a witness of the attack. Being a person who loves animals and values the lives of animals, I struggled with the fact that my testimony could influence the dogs to be put down because of the owner’s stupidity, but I also struggled with the fact what if the dogs get out again and it could be a life that is taken by the dogs. This caused me great anxiety to say the least.
The owner was given another chance, but at what price? The dogs will go back to the miserable life in the small backyard or will someone else get hurt or killed by the dogs? They are now deemed dangerous by animal control, so if they attack again they will be permanently taken away. The owner claimed she loved her dogs and they are very sweet with her two small children in their home. I do believe the owner truly loves her dogs, but she does not have the insight on how to take care of them? There should be some type of probation or specialize training of the owner before they can have this type breed of dog. The owner did have insurance for the dogs and I will be compensated for my bill, but what about the scene in my head watching the blood flow out my little Zoë’s neck by the huge jaws of the PB, feeling helpless that I could not help her. I believe most of this falls on the owner. My dogs are better, but I am not.

November 30, 2011 at 6:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )