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Comments made by Van

San Diego Leaders Tell Peters, Hoyer What Innovation Economy Needs From Congress

Thanks to Congressman Peters for organizing this event. As important as the economic issues discussed were, they are dwarfed by the need to consider and act upon environmental economics that are currently not sustainable. I anticipated that this larger issue would not be addressed, so I asked both Congressman to take 5 actions in response to their question - How Can Congress Support America's Science and Innovation Economy?
1. Divert oil industry subsidies toward micro-grid & rooftop solar development to stabilize the grid with affordable decentralized power production.
2. Ban "fracking" to protect water supplies.
3. Establish a carbon tax that does not allow environmental costs to be dumped on the public.
4. Transform the transportation sector and support redevelopment over urban sprawl.
5. Overall, understand that a healthy economy requires policies that sustain a healthy environment.

I'm hopeful that it will not take a storm surge or other climate change related natural disaster for leaders to start engaging in serious dialogue and action on the larger issues that set the foundation for the entire economy.

August 20, 2013 at 10:39 a.m. ( | suggest removal )