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Comments made by Viktor99

Dueling City Budget Plans: Mayor Vs. City Council

Dear Roundtable People,

Libraries in San Diego, like elsewhere in the U.S., have two main functions. (1) Their traditional role, lending books etc and (2) the libraries act as "baby sitters" for elementary and middle school children.

Re (1) could be handled; folks visiting the library for the "traditional" purpose will have to do this during the short opening hours; lot of the people look as if they had time on their hands, retirees, others. They will be able to manage.

Re (2) another blow against the weaker part of our society. After school, the kids are supposed to go to the library; do homework or hang out there until parents or caretakers pick them up. Families depending on this routine often belong to the "less fortunate" of our society; parents can't get off work on time appropriate to pick up kids, they work more than one job and often not the day shift, they lack transportation and many other things that upper/middle class folks can't imagine not to have.

We know, the roots of this scenario are deeply entrenched in the "system." Unsafe neighborhoods, single/parents merely making it from meager paycheck to meager paycheck, very low minimum wage levels, unavailability and non-affordability of health care, lack of public or orderly after-school care run by professionals; the latter ones hardly existing, as one can't afford a decent life from the salary day care is paying; all these circumstances are quite unique to our country within the family of democratic, "first-world", industrialized modern nations. The status-quo has been accepted by the majority, some may conceive it god-given.There is part of third world within us. However the first world majority of our system is complacent, accepts current situation, some even would like to strip our third world fellow-citizens of the little they have. The folks in poverty do not have the knowledge, strength, stamina and means to implement a change.

Summary, the have-nots will be continously disfranchised. Libraries and rec-centers that are closed when young people are out of school, will put heavily additional burden on the needy. Fact is there are about 20% of us (in San Diego) living in poverty, respectively 30% of the kids. Who woories about them?

I cannot understand why hardly ever there is public communication about shortcomings like the ones on the plate, and others.

Viktor Schmidt
San Diego - Tierrasanta

April 15, 2011 at 12:52 p.m. ( | suggest removal )