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Comments made by WERickman

Should The City Pay For The Spreckels Pavilion Organist?

Has the City spent one second thinking about all the revenue these summer concerts bring to the area? Has anyone with the City been to one on these concerts lately? I have, every summer since I moved to SD. People by the hundreds come to the park and surrounding areas and make a night out of it. Spending money at the local shops and restaurants as part of the evening’s outing. Often one will see people having full picnic/parties during the show with food and drink bought close by or at thr local restauarnts. Or little parties before the show - such as for someone’s birthday. $550.00 per hour is a lot, but it is really? Hourly salary of $550.00 for a concert pianist is a drop in the bucket, and this is ONLY DURING THE SHOW. Not to mention the tradition and spirit of or City community and togetherness. Doesn’t this $550.00 sound more like a wise INVESTMENT during these depressing times?

April 25, 2011 at 2:32 a.m. ( | suggest removal )