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Comments made by Weschesternc

NTC's Arts Vision Threatened

Sadly, as an NTC Resident Group, having been there 3+ years, your report was very informative. Our rent was increased 50% the first lease renewal, and we refused the next three year renewal in favor of an annual. Now, still reeling, we're hit with property tax on property we don't own, and furthermore property we have invested our private money in to improve. We moved to NTC to try to get an arts friendly landlord after 18 years on Ray Street, as gentrification set in. We are a small business in the business of educating people in the use of the arts and for helping mental illness. Now were hearing for the first time that NTC is billing us from April, on taxes the aren't even liable for. In the worst economy, it seems as if the city and NTC is getting a ride on our backs. BTW I work an additional full time job in mental health to help make our rent, but together my partner and I make much less than the foundations officers. Why are we Paying for something they don't owe, that the city should never have billed in the first place? Also, how can your reporter refer to the city as liable for taxes to itself? Orwellian at it's best ...

March 7, 2011 at 9:55 a.m. ( | suggest removal )