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Comments made by WhataChuckleHead

San Diego City Council District 8 Debate

I don't live in SD county, but was down here visiting my girlfriend. I happened to look for some public radio and listened in on the debate. This was a really disappointing debate. "mr." Hueso was unprepared and did little more than launch ad hominem attacks on Mr. Alvaraz. Who the heck cares what the families did or whether they went to college or jail? What in the world does that have to do with whether you as a candidate will do a good job? I can see why this chucklehead got disciplined ( Someone needs to look up the exact reason why. Hopefully he'll be better prepared in the future and be able to discuss the issues on in an intelligent way.

Alvaraz does sound young and a bit idealistic, but from what I heard, he won't have to try very hard if Hueso keep this up. "Youngster"? Alvaraz totally missed a chance to laugh off the statement and make a sarcastic remark. It made him seem a bit soft that he let that kind of statement go. Also, if his family or family members are in jail, he should not let a statement from Hueso that his family is part of the problem in SD go. That was totally uncalled for and inappropriate.

And good job with the candidates Ms. Cavanaugh, I would have lost it if I was witnessing a debate like that. I could tell you were a bit perplexed though. :-/

October 25, 2010 at 10:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )