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Comments made by WhereAreTheClowns

Seal Legislation Passes Calif. Assembly

People, People! There is no more a meaner spirited person than one who would curse at you, yell, and perpetrate violence upon you as those who advocate for seal dominance. Those folks are not satified with merely getting out their message to all that would hear, they desire to impose it.

Persons with opposing points of view are neither mean spirited or hate harbor seals. Seals are fine and amusing creatures, we bear them goodwill. Seals have inhabited the location forever. In 1931 when the sea wall was constructed there was no Coastal Commission or anything of the like; imagine if someone wanted to build an artiface like that today? Never happen. La Jolla Shores was available to children for "free" swimming at that time too. This seawall was constructed for the purpose of children swimming in the ocean in a safer manner, protected from the heavy surf; and seals were there. They hauled out on the rocks nearby and could be viewed from the bluffs overhead. They hauled out on what little beach there was at the time when humans went home (night). Visitors to our community could view seals before 1931 including all the years to today, and will continue to see seals in the area in the future. Restoring unfettered human access to this beach will not harm the seals in any way; and I emphasize "unfetterred", which is not likely to happen given the militant extremist nature of Marine Mammal advocates.

Local reports of school children preferring CP to be a tax-payer subsidzed marine zoo, would be no different if these same children were taken on a field trip to the San Diego Zoo. One could only presume how the questions were couched to the children to achieve the desired results; and so goes most polls for about anything.

To view the seals for free? Hardly! Once the govt gets hold of something, it will have costs. Nothing about govt is without cost.

For those of you who argue from the position that so much of nature's open space has been diminished, look unto yourself. You are part of that problem, populations have exploded or at the vey least, a shift in global population centers, which SoCal seems to be one; and I'm a 55 yr old San Diego native, I remember, and my parents and grandparents remember.

Consider this everyone, if the trust for this site is broken, as it seems the State Legislature is about to do, how strong will ANY trust, coastal or otherwise, be? If municipalities can assert domain over trusts, and said municipalities view that site as a potential huge tax-revenue with development of large hotels or resorts, or Marine Mammal Parks, then stand by for the development, 'cause its a comin'. Then you can be guaranteed there will be an admission fee to see the seals.

If a benefactor desired to donate their land for some SPECIFIC philanthropic purpose, how motivated would that person or family be to donate if they now see their generosity would be hijacked. They might just convert it to condos, strip malls, or something.

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Seal Legislation Passes Calif. Assembly

Absolutely incredible, the depth of people's cluelessness. Extremists put forward that Children's Pool is the only place of rest for harbor seals; this is laughable.

These animals are not endangered, and the MMPA was not intended to be interpreted in such a draconian manner as to shoo humans off a beach so that a seal might sunbathe.

Children's Pool was NOT hijacked by seals, it was an orchestrated land-grab by extremist elitists who endeavor to bar the average citizen from occupying or enjoying a beach area. Just wait, when the current population of seals grows to overpopulate Children't Pool, they will seek another place to subathe, so whats going to be the next beach the City of San Diego wants to surrender to sunbathing seals? La Jolla Cove? Shores? It will never stop!

This has happened in other locations, such as wharfs in San Francisco that have been taken over by seals and sea lions and thereby rendering those artificies useless for their intended purpose, commerce.

Children's Pool has never been a rookery, seals birth at that location because they have been afforded that location by militant animal extremists who have directed people away from the site.

They start with mis-information or mis-interpretation of laws or information, and when an informed citizen dares to challenge their assertions, the extremists turn militant and aggressive and ramp up to cursing at you, encrouching upon you with video and following you to your vehicle and videoing your license plate, and curiously, sometime later you'll discover some sort of damage to your car; and if that weren't enough, they will outright physically assault you and your family and your children; the aforemention are actual events that have occurred.

They will not allow you to occuy the Chiildren's Pool peacefully, you WILL be harrassed, and they know you want peace so you will not return; they have successfully captured the beach. The police are impotent, shrugg their shoulders and walk away. They have taken a couple token police reports, but those cases are prosecuted by the City Attorney, take a guess whether that case is issued for proscecution, if it were against an Extremist, not likely, and if they must, it'll be very light. If a case were proven against the likes of these extremists, the consequences of such crime cases mean nothing to them, they are zealots in their cause, exactly like the religious extremists our soldiers battle in the middle east right now, animal extremists are martyrs.

Seals are opportunists, they'll occupy anywhere they can; and where ever they can't, they move on, no problem! There are plenty of small beaches that are inaccessible to humans and perfect for wild animals. It is actually the humans who have less accessable beach for the population density this region supports.

And the California Legislature will go along with all this because the public consenses is so malleable by the media, and they vote.

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