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Comments made by WhitneyMankato

An Update On San Diego County's South Bay

MaryAlice, you and your ilk are grasping at straws by trying to pretend that we voters have no recollection of the things Juan Vargas has done to the detriment of our communities.

Do you remember the Chargers Ticket Guarantee? Vargas was a big proponent of that. And you know how Vargas touts his Harvard education and how he went to school with the President? Well, how come it was during the beginning of the whole pension debacle that Vargas is quoted as saying that the San Diego budget is just too hard for him to figure out?

Vargas says whatever he thinks you want to hear.

So much so that at the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce endorsement meeting, Vargas not only attacked his fellow Democrats but he went so far as to say he will work to repeal AB 32. MaryAlice, I am sure you're familiar with AB 32. That's the environmental legislation Vargas claims to have co-written with buddy Fabian Nunez. He further said it was his crowning achievement during his six years in the assembly. Why would he now work to repeal that?

I bet if you follow the money you will find tens of thousands of dollars donated by the oil companies hellbent on repealing environmental legislation. And what better person to undue it then the very person who helped to author it?

Remember, Juan IS for sale. And he HAS been bought.

Don't be fooled by non-issues, MaryAlice. Even more, quit being their patsy.

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An Update On San Diego County's South Bay

MaryAlice, you're being silly. Actions speak louder than words. Even the Star News Editor said, "I think some people felt sold out" regarding Juan Vargas' actions. I know he sold out. He regulated an industry and when they accused him of being too cozy, he rebuffed them. But because he was so cozy with the insurance industry the press asked Vargas if he lost his campaign (it would be his third loss against Filner) but if Vargas lost his campaign would he go work for insurance. Juan swore up and down the board that he was not interested one iota in working for insurance. He took the pledge.

And you know what MaryAlice? Within days of leaving office, former Assemblymember Juan Vargas did what we had all been accusing him of doing ..................................... HE OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT TO INSURANCE.

Actions, MaryAlice. Not words.

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