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Comments made by WileyWabbit

Trio Says Making Public Harassment Allegations Against Filner Was Wrenching

dialyn wrote: " but I would have chosen differently had I known about his activities before I filled out my ballot" & "to replace a man who had no business being elected in the first place"
dialyn; neither of your comments are based on any fact. All so far amounts to not much more than speculation. Where are the accusers? Where's the corroboration? Where are the damages?

And where is this new set of rules that seems to have escaped codification. Rules that tell men precisely when and in what circumstances a woman may be spoken to. The precise words that must be used to avoid future scrutiny and emabarrasment. "Ahh come on" you may say, " now you're making things seem ludicrous." Maybe.

But then, who needs "facts" here in San Diego, a suburb of LaLa-Land. A place where "everything is relative" and the "truth" depends more on what you want it to be, today. Tommorow? Well, that's another day, isn't it? Maybe we'll all "feel" differently about things, tommorrow. But today? Hey, "surfs up!"

September 24, 2013 at 11:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )